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Yo! Here are the rest of my London pictures that I finally was able to post.

Some backround music.

Ominous bearded man memorial

Ding shot!

This spot looks like it would be a bad place to take photographs if I were a woman who paid by bills by having sex---oh, about 121 years ago.

Pret a Manger. I did manage to throw one stick without hitting one of these joints, however it broke the window of Cafe Nero. Personally, I found it offensive that they named a coffee shop after a guy who burned and fed to lions my Christian ancestors. :lol:

Aslan the Lion sez, "Stay in school kids and eat your vegetables. Peace."

Chillin' on the stairs of public buildings must be big in cosmopolitian cities like London, Paris, San Francisco, or New York. Similar stairs in cities like Milwaukee are usually sat upon by bums and people waiting for the bus.

Some woman reacting to how handsome I am.

Giganitis Londonis Pigeonis ready to swoop down on this man and feed him to his chicks.

The "Oh the Humanity" Memorial---dedicated to a quote by Newman, the fat mailman from Seinfeld. Well, at least thats what some stupid American told me.

London is so stylish that it has Chanel lightposts. The lightposts here in Milwaukee are sadly sponsored by lowbrow Abercrombie and Fitch.

They advertised the hell out of this movie in London!

Along with this stupid crap.

The watchful eye of the pill poppin', ***** lovin', cane wiedling, sarcastic doc we all love and watch Tuesday nights at 8 pm CST on Fox.

Portobello Road area

He rules the rest of the falafel vendors from this locale.

Who is the old woman? Madea?

I gave this rickshaw guys body a break by not hiring him.

Ron Jeremy's eats here everytime he is shooting a movie in London

A wonderful sporting goods store.

Cue the music for the finale.

Whew! Well thats about all of them. And I only saw part of London. Now, I leave you with one final message.

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