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Ok, so here we go then innit!

The age of Aquarius is upon us...

...and these people are already enjoying it!

They told me I wasn't allowed to swim in this pool :cry:

This poor pigeon died shorly after I took this photo :(

Just what the hell is Nelson looking at? :dunno:

Big Ben my Arse!!!

Shortly after taking this photo I took a cigarette break :yes:

Tubeman look away now!!!!

A secret gathering of world leaders maybe? Who knows these things? :dunno:

I like this building.

Yeah look:

But I like this one better :yes:

They should cut down this god damn tree : :bash:

This building had a funny smell

I was hungry at this point but there were no Burger Kings around :cry:

This little girl cried after I took this photo

Woman in white? Yeah right!!!

Ready Freddy!!!

The cathedral of St Paul

There it is again!!!

And again!!!! :bash:

Some stone buildings

Half of cutty sark!!

Chav Love!!

Cheeky Centre Point!

Ok, that's about it for part 1 folks. Tune in for part 2 for images like this:




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Hey I don't murder birds and make little children cry :bash: both incidents were unrelated to me. :cheers:

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the pics. :)
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