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Ok so this is part 2:

The big boys

I like the variety of architecture in this photo

St. Paul's looking all clean

But not so clean on this side

The Royal Court of Justice, I like the symmetry in this building

Cute car

Covent Garden

A Tunnel

Underneath Millennium Bridge

The Cutty Sark

From Greenwich park



Bridge with bird

Red Columns

Her Majesty's Palace and Fortress

Tower and shiny egg thingy

Tate Gallery of Modern Art

Tower Bridge


What a mess!!!

Cute little cluster

Peachy Sunset

Pink Clouds

TB with CW in the distance

Pickled Gherkin

Big boys and little sis

Tower of London Vs Swiss Re

Fierce sun


Waiting for 122
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Quality photos from one of the best photographers on the forums :)

When I first saw those cranes on the southbank from a distance, I thought they were starting to demolish the Southwark Towers. How dissapointed I was

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Thanks Peyre :) :cheers:

Patience, the Southwark Towers will sooner or later be demolished :yes: and I will be there to take pictures :lol:
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