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Going past Wembely Park (under redevelopment for teh stadium) Arch looms over Jubilee Line Train

London still goes about its business of making money and dropping jaws as the people decide on our leaders.

These Red Buildings always remind me of the Tandoori Chicken from my local curry house :D

Or you could always try Turkish. Plenty of diversity around the Edgware Road area.

Big Benny Boy stands tall.

Quite a big police presence round Westminster and Witehall, guess they were a bit jittery about the NY explosions.

Delightful open space tucked away from the bussle.

The toursits flock in their millions.

The City looms in the distance.

Peeking through the trees.

Ahhh! Democracy. Well sort of.

A cute little church tucked away on a road into the city. Was also a polling station. Plenty of pensioners making their way up the steps

Another church, looking a part with T42

A typical narrow London street

St Pauls in the distance

Yupee giving me a funny look. "A photograph, of St Pauls? Are you crazy!"

The Financial Heart of the city. Its heart fullstop really.

The 60's office blocks fit in quite well

The wonders of not having a grid system. A magical mess

Swiss Re pokes through the gap. No falling windows in sight :cheers:

The Sun really brings out the best in Tower42

Hope ya enjoyed it.

I'll be moving on to a decent camera in a couple of months.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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