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LONDON | St. George Wharf Tower | 181m | 50 fl | Com

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St George's Wharf (Vauxhall Tower)

Height: 181m
Floors: 49
Architect: Broadway Malyan
Developer: St George

Broadway Malyan

- If built, the Vauxhall Tower would be the tallest residential building in the UK.

- Energy efficiency is one of the Vauxhall Tower's most important aspects. The structure is topped by a wind turbine, which
will power the tower's common lighting. At the base of the tower, water will be drawn from the London Aquifer and heat pump
technology will be used to remove warmth from the water in the winter to heat the apartments. The tower will require 70%
less energy compared to a normal building and CO2 release will be between 50-65% of normal emissions. It will be triple glazed
to minimise heat loss and gain, with low ‘e’ glazing and ventilated blinds between the glazing to further reduce heat gain.

Current Status:
Due to the proximity of this tower to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the project had to go through a public inquiry.
A final decision was made by the Deputy Prime Minister in April 2005 and the tower was approved. Construction is finishing
on the neighouring midrises. The tower itself is the final phase in this development and is confirmed to be rising in 2008.

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What a beautiful of the best looking residential towers in the world.

Go London!
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Models on display in the marketing suite, thanks to potto for these -

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I'm actually one of the few who really likes this project although the other three highrises look a bit horrid and remind me of the orion tower we have here in Birmingham.

BTW, wasn't there another highrise project consisting of twin towers nearby?
For those who are unfamiliar with London, I've drawn this quick diagram to show the location -

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I love this entire development. the tower is very nice, but to be honest I prefer the design of the midrise buildings.
I like this project alot, I am fond of the round or circular towers as well.
BTW, wasn't there another highrise project consisting of twin towers nearby?
Yes, there are several... potentially another 4 skyscrapers of similar height, plus a couple of 100m towers.

Strangely though, there's been no news about these.

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ok those flats in the midrises are going to be absolutely priceless. that much is clear. verrryyyy nice :D
^ The midrises are largely complete now. They are pricy but far from being the most expensive in London.
well yeah it's not the most expensive location true, but being the most expensive city in the world it is expensive enough ;)
Nice! I like it! :D
Models on display in the marketing suite, thanks to potto for these -

Great pics, I have a new found fondness for this tower. If the cladding is of a good standard, it could be an excellent project:)
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that tower looks amazing....
that tower looks amazing....
sure does, i think its pretty underated tbh
just a curiosity.
what is the price of the flats
Story in the Evening Standard today.

Under the freedom of information act the Conservatives have got hold of letters and advice sent to John Prescott by his advisers advocating that the tower be refused planning permission.

Essentially they said that the tower had too little affordable housing, didn't do much in terms of regeneration for the area and that the benefits of the scheme did not outway the negative impact of the development.

The Evening Standard in its editorial suggests it was approved on some whim of Prescott's and that in the future no minister would dare take such a decision against advice if the advice could be made public.
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