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LONDON | The Shard | 306m | 1004ft | 73 fl | Com

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London Bridge Tower - the "Shard of Glass"

Height: 310m | Floors: 72 | Architect: Renzo Piano | Developer: Sellar Property Group

Links: UK Forum thread | Official website | Renzo Piano Building Workshop | Skyscrapernews listing | Station redevelopment

  • This landmark tower will be the first building in the UK to break the 1000 foot barrier. It will be nearly twice the height of the Gherkin,
    and one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
  • London's first truly "mixed use" tower, the floors will be divided into a mixture of residential, office, hotel, retail and public space.
  • Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the tower was structurally redesigned to improve stability and reduce evacuation times.
  • The tower went through a lengthy public inquiry. It was approved by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, on 19th November 2003.
  • The total cost of the project is in excess of £1.2bn and includes major refurbishment of the neighbouring train and bus stations.
  • The tower has two main tenants lined up - Shangri-La Hotels, who will be occupying floors 34-52 - and Transport for London who will
    take some of the office space.
  • Financial issues plagued the tower for years, but were resolved in 2008 when four Qatari banks took an 80% stake
    in the project (buying-out both CLS and Simon Halabi). All funding and contracts were subsequently secured.
Current Status:
Under construction! Click here for a video of the schedule. The tower is scheduled for completion by May 2012.

Image credit: Chest


Thread landmarks (Note: these links refer to the UK forum thread)

24th Nov 2006 - PwC staff informed that they will vacate Southwark Towers

15th Nov 2007 - Mace chosen to build the Shard

10th Jan 2008 - CLS Holdings sells stake in the Shard

18th Jan 2008 - Halabi sells stake in the Shard

22nd Jan 2008 - Sellar Property Group sets up Qatari consortium to carry out the Shard development

24th Mar 2008 - 'White sheet of death' appears on Southwark Towers

12th Feb 2009 - Demolition of Southwark Towers structure complete

23rd Feb 2009 - Mace secures contract to build the Shard

16th Mar 2009 - Shard officially starts construction

17th Mar 2009 - First piling rig

18th Sep 2009 - First steel column

19th Sep 2009 - Installation of Tower Crane 1

1st Oct 2009 - Installation of Tower Crane 2

10th Oct 2009 - First concrete pillars
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Gotta love this story only in England :cheers:

Randy thrill-seekers ‘climb to top of Shard for sky-high sex’
Here are some pre-opening pics from The View to feed your apetite ;)
(made by a friend of mine)

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Here are some more pictures from the observation deck.

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You should't leave your car parked like that Lumberjack, you'll get a ticket.
You should't leave your car parked like that Lumberjack, you'll get a ticket.
LOL - phantom doesn't tend to get as much attention from parking wardens as the maybach :lol:
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You should't leave your car parked like that Lumberjack, you'll get a ticket.
How freaking cool are those last pictures? This building is a dream come true.
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