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LONDON | Various Opportunity Areas for Redevelopment

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London has identified 37 Opportunity areas where large-scale regeneration can take place to accommodate housing needs and for future growth without destroying the historic fabric of the various conservation areas and sightlines. Unlike cities in North America such as Toronto or New York where most developments are done in their downtown cores, tourists in London who only visit the center are not exposed to the dizzying array of construction and redevelopment that is ongoing in the city.

Starting in Central London:

(19) King's Cross Central (SSC)
Area (Ha): 53
Indicative employment capacity: 25,000
Minimum new homes: 1,900
This is still undergoing construction but the public realm around the site is top-notch.

(32) Vauxhall, Nine Elms, and Battersea (SSC)
Area (Ha): 227
Indicative employment capacity: 25,000
Minimum new homes: 20,000
This is the largest regeneration area in Central London. Unlike Kings Cross Central, this is divided into different projects by different developers. The biggest project here is the Battersea Power Station redevelopment and its immediate surrounding area.

(33) Victoria
Area (Ha): 47
Indicative employment capacity: 4,000
Minimum new homes: 1,000
Numerous small schemes within Victoria

Outside Central London:

(3) Canada Water (SSC)
Area (Ha): 46
Indicative employment capacity: 2,000
Minimum new homes: 3,300
The retail park here is being redeveloped into a mixed-use community with commercial, residential, leisure, and retail

(13) Greenwich Pensinsula (SSC)
Area (Ha): 259
Indicative employment capacity: 7,000
Minimum new homes: 13,500
This is another exciting mixed-used area that is being redeveloped near the O2 centre with Calatrava's Peninsula Place as the centerpiece

(17) Isle of Dogs
This includes the areas surrounding Canary Wharf, such as Wood Wharf, North Quay, South Quay, and Millharbour Village. Also nearby are the two Leamouth Peninsula developments.

(26) Old Oak and Park Royal (SSC)
Area (Ha): 950
Indicative employment capacity: 55,000
Minimum new homes: 24,000
A massive opportunity area roughly the same size as downtown Vancouver, although only a small portion of it is being redeveloped as of the moment. The vision is to turn this into a transport super-hub with different key interchanges and a major business district.

(35) Wembley (SSC)
Area (Ha): 239
Indicative employment capacity: 11,000
Minimum new homes: 11,500
A large well-connected site surrounding Wembley Stadium, this is being envisioned as a mixed-use area with offices, residential, retail, leisure, and entertainment venues.

(more to follow)
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here is a video on the plan for nine elms, looks pretty big

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(23) Lower Lea Valley (including Stratford)
Area (Ha): 1,400
Indicative employment capacity: 50,000
Minimum new homes: 32,000
Stratford, which hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, has been marked as a "strategic interchange area" and a "metropolitan town centre". As such, lots of developments have been marked for this area, including a new spherical concert venue by Madison Square Garden.

(36) White City
Area (Ha): 110
Indicative employment capacity: 10,000
Minimum new homes: 6,000
This opportunity area, just like Stratford mentioned above, was the site of a former Olympic games. While Stratford was the site of the 2012 games, this was the site of the 1908 games. Nothing remains of the old sports venues and the area is now being redeveloped as a mixed-use community with an extension of Westfield shopping centre and new educational facilities for Imperial College.

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Amazing video,, and excellent work of shopfronts..
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