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It is here!. (once again)

You might remember the London 3D Project.
A project where i tried to do all of Central London for google earth.
Well as some may remember, it didn't really work out.
We are back. Me and my team mate, will do the project (once again)
But this time we will use textures, instead the other things i used before.
I will do Downtown while My team mate will start of in the Westminster part.

The first models have already been uploaded, and accepted in google earth. But there is still a long way to go before the project is totally back on its feet again.
We Hope you will keep on following the project as it gets bigger.

For questions or ideas contact: [email protected]

And for videos about the project go to:

Out brand new Website! Remember to register!

Our Twitter:

Our Facebook:

Spread the word!

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Interesting project. I already wondered why Londons represantation in Google Earth lacks 3d-Buildings. Good to see that's about to change.

But your time-aproximates might get obsolet quite soon. Double the time and you could be somewhere near the real time you'll need ^^

I really understand the passion behind such projects, because I've done something similar with Berlin. However the official Model of Berlin was released before I was done with mine.
(more: -> Works -> 3D)

I wish you all the working power and time you need :)
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