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Looking for a cool word for someone who lives in a skyscraper

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As the title reads. All I can come up with is something like "skylinecitizen" or "skyscraperite" or something of similar blandness. Is there a more catchy word for those who like to live up high and metropolitan at the same time? Thanks!
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High roller comes to mind when I think of Donald Trump living in his Trump Tower. ��
Big Spender?
City Slicker?
Spoiled Rotten?
skydent SKYscraper resiDENT
Skysettler, Skylinesettler, Airsettler, Cloudsettler, lift-rider. I like the word settler XD.
Sky Resident, Urbanite, Cloud Resident...
Hmmmmm.... skydweller? Not very catchy, though...
^^ :lol:
That one made me laugh!
Acrophile :banana:
Here's a few ideas I came up with:
  • The New Yorker
  • The Sky Walker
  • The Royalty
  • The Elevator
  • The Glider
  • The Cliff Hanger
  • The Gothic Scout
  • The Pilot
  • The Pinnacle
  • The SkySail
  • The Skyline
  • The Chutzpah Sire
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[*]The New Yorker
I think The Hongkonger fits even better :troll:
1 - 20 of 93 Posts
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