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Anyone have pictures or attendance figures?

It looked like there were a LOT of people down there, many more than I ever expected. After around 1am it really started to get more drunk though, which wasn't surprising.

All together, very successful for the first year.

Next year?

1) Close the streets. There were far too many people for the sidewalks, and people finally just ignored the crosswalks because of the huge crowds. Traffic was a mess and many times we ended up walking in the street.

2) Move it back a month. Warmer weather will pull in more tourists on summer vacation, as well as let people enjoy things such as the fountain in Millenium Park.

3) More outdoor activities late at night. Things started to die down around 1am as far as events. I think this will be taken care of next year though, as the crowds could definitely support more late night events.

4) Keep things open later. I was at the Art Institute around midnight when it closed, and it was still PACKED to the brim. You could barely move through the rooms. It could have easily stayed open for hours.

5) Fireworks at midnight. Just seems natural.

6) Food vendors along State Street. Set up tents with simple foods and drinks in the street. You don't need to put as much effort into it as the Taste booths, but offering food and drink would have been great.

7) More lights. They had the spinning strobe lights around the Art Institute and it just looked really cool. I'm always a sucker for those things, looks like more of a party. Set them up in the intersections along a few blocks of State Street - it would make it seem more impressive and outrageous.

8) Extend the trains! Run the brown line after 12:50am to the loop if you're having an all night party. Even doing it until 2:30 would be great. I was left trying to find a cab at 2am with many other people...

Anyway, great party. The businesses that were open were pretty packed, even at 1am. Hopefully the city makes this even better next year, there are endless opportunities.
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