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Going Up in Hollywood, 23 Stories

By Aaron Blevins, 3/15/2012

A CIM Group project that has become known for reportedly having the most entitlements in Los Angeles history is set to break ground on the northeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gordon Street in Hollywood, much to the dismay of some residents.

Called the Sunset Gordon project, the mixed-use development will feature a 23-story tower with 301 residences, 39,000 square feet of office space, 13,500 square feet of retail space and a public park.

Portland-based developer Gerding Edlen originally proposed the $182 million project as purely residential. However, after securing $9.6 million from the Community Redevelopment Agency, Los Angeles (CRA/LA), the company agreed to include office and retail, according to a CRA/LA statement. Gerding Edlen secured 17 entitlements on the property before financial issues, likely caused by the economic downturn and a lawsuit filed by the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association, killed the project. CIM acquired the property in August 2011.

Even though Sunset Gordon has changed hands, the project has largely remained the same, which is disappointing to some Hollywood residents, who have been fighting Sunset Gordon for years.

“It’ll blow a hole in Sunset Boulevard,” Doug Haines, of the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association, said. “This would be the tallest building in Hollywood at 260 feet.”


According to a statement by CIM, building demolition permits were issued by the city in January, and the work was completed on Feb. 21. In December, CIM and Hollywood Heritage amended their agreement to “redevelop the property permitting its demolition on the condition that the developer recreate the original 1920s building style.” According to the statement, that includes restoring and reusing the original heavy timber trusses and a fire mantel from the building’s central hall.

The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2014. Sunset Gordon will also include a pool, a business center with a conference room and a fitness center. The park will be 21,000 square feet.
Construction was well under way by December 2012:

Massive mixed-use construction project happening in #Hollywood at Sunset & Gordon. Palm Trees and Cranes by Smilay Properties, on Flickr
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