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Hi everybody....
I found a little "fight" in another threat and I think I open a new one for
And please excuse my english and if I wrote someting wrong please help me :)
Alpha World Cities ++
London, New York City

Alpha World Cities +
Hongkong, Paris, Singapur, Tokio, Sydney, Mailand, Shanghai, Peking

Alpha World Cities
Madrid, Moskau, Seoul, Toronto, Brüssel, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago

Alpha World Cities −
Warschau, São Paulo, Zürich, Amsterdam, Mexiko-Stadt, Jakarta, Dublin, Bangkok, Taipeh, Istanbul, Rom, Lissabon, Frankfurt am Main, Stockholm, Prag, Wien, Budapest, Athen, Caracas, Los Angeles, Auckland, Santiago de Chile

Beta World Cities +
Washington, D.C., Melbourne, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Barcelona, San Francisco, Manila, Bogotá, Tel Aviv, New-Delhi, Dubai, Bukarest

Beta World Cities
Oslo, Berlin, Helsinki, Genf, Kopenhagen, Riad, Hamburg, Kairo, Luxemburg, Bangalore, Dallas, Kuwait-City, Boston

Beta World Cities −
Munich, Dschidda, Miami, Lima, Kiew, Houston, Guangzhou, Beirut, Karatschi, Düsseldorf, Sofia, Montevideo, Nikosia, Rio de Janeiro, Ho-Chi-Minh-City


Why is Dallas a B City and Houston a B-?

Beginnig with Houston

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Houston has a lot of parking space like Los Angeles
Houston has a lot of Highways like Los Angeles
Houston is a wide city like Los Angeles
Houston has a new Metro-Rail System like Los Angeles

Los Angeles


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Houston is more my cup of tea but the cities although different in ways also have their similarities like being in warm climates, palm trees, freeway culture, very spread out yet densifying and both are major ports near the ocean. LA area's beaches are a hell of a lot better though.
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