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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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prasarana is really incapable of doing this job, should fire everyone and start over again.
Ok that's fine for train announcements, but what about next stop signage and announcements on buses? Should it be a computer read system like most other countries do? I think this is very important as it will significantly help first time bus users.
I actually think the opposite, this red color is good as you know that it is a public transport direction signage as soon as you see the color. It is also very clear in my opinion.
My comment for this time, it's really stressful to see the signage because 1. it has a RED background; 2. it's SMALL.

The pictographic looks cool.
It's not off topic. Anyway what is really needed is a signpost at every bus stop with an identifier code and each stop must be on a sidewalk to allow the disabled to board the bus. A strict timetable is also needed, even if it is every 30 minutes, at least people can plan when to leave their house, right now the low frequency buses which leave every hour are totally useless as no one has any idea when the bus will arrive.
Bus stops a little bit off topic "LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station" ...

But why do you think bus stops in KL (and Klang Valley) do not have unique identification (names and code number)?
Which authorities are in charge or owns the bus stops?
The bus operator should put it, in this case it is rapidKL
Who should put the "identification code" on bus stops in KL and rest of Klang Valley?
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To be fair, i think they should just ban all other bus operators in KL except rapidKL. The quality of service from these other operators are quite horrendous, the buses also look very badly maintained and pollute a lot, they are an eyesore in the city. Or they could still operate under a concession but have to be fully integrated and complement rapidkl and not compete, all these other bus operators should also be forced to provide disabled access which would mean they would have to buy new buses and be less of an eyesore and a pollutant.
Mmm ... I understand that ... There are about 5,000 bus stops in Klang Valley, used by the various bus operators (CityLiner, Seranas, RapidKL etc). Out of those about 3,000 bus stops are used by RapidKL. And some of these 3,000 bus stops are not used solely by RapidKL, but are shared use with CityLiner etc.

As is currently, RapidKL seems to choose *only* to put bus stops identification in their website journey planner but *not* physically on the bus stops.

It would be difficult (not impossible) for RapidKL to put bus stops identification on bus stops that they don't use.
How would they rot exactly? Public transport isn't supposed to be a profitable business. I've lived in Canada where the bus system is excellent and only the official bus service is allowed to operate and they do just fine, they of course integrate very well with the local train systems.
You will see Rapidkl starting to rot as there are no other competitors. Not all are horrendous though. I can see cityliner done quite a good job at least in maintaining their bus.
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Really pathetic how far we've fallen behind China. We about 10 times richer than China per capita in 1980. UMNO has really stayed way passed their welcome.
Canada is one of the worlds top oil producers and they have one of the worlds largest reserves, but they also have some of the worlds best public transport. They also don't subsidize their oil at all even though they have so much of it. This is really what a developed oil producing country should be like.

The reason for failure of public transport is Dr.M and his Proton policy which has wasted billions of tax payers dollars already trying to subsidize, giving us substandard cars for an inflated price and inflating all the other cars to an unaffordable price to force everyone to buy Proton. And still Malaysia is only the 22nd largest car producer in the world, the policy has really failed.
What Malaysia faces is very typical of oil-producing nations. The oil and car is cheap, and road networks are more superior than public transport options. Up until the KVMRT - I'd argue that the monorail, LRT lines, commuter and airport links were vanity projects - there was no real serious attempt to get the public to shift to public transport.

Are Malaysians too comfortable in their driver's seat? I don't know, it's hard to say for now.
Err, It was just 1 comment and I post here quite often. No need to ban for such a small thing.


Please refrain from posting inflammatory political views here. SCC not for political view.

SZE HONG or other moderators, please take note and ban this member anantha92 as a lesson for others to follow rules.
I think this is in front of Batu caves if I'm not mistaken. So it falls under Selangor state.
The pole with the orange RapidKL Bus icon is certainly RapidKL's.
The iron fence blocking the pavement to the road is certainly not RapidKL's.

I hope you can answer some of these questions ...
(1) Where is this bus stop? Google Maps link to it perhaps?
(2) Was the pole there before the fence? or otherwise?
(3) Which road authority installed the fence? JKR? Sprint Highway?
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They don't care as long as their job is done, goes to show the kind of people rapidKL are employing, no brains at all :bash:

Even if the fence was installed after the bus stop, shouldn't the bus drivers have noticed and said something by now?
i believe that the rapidkl pole were in placed after the fence were installed, if not mistaken, batu caves area was in zone 3 for the rapidkl buses, together with wangsa maju and ampang, I still remember, the rapidkl bus signage/pole were install by prasarana early this year, especially in ampang area that time.....

so I think, we already know, to who we should put the blame for,... :lol:
Vietnam public bus system outside their big cities is already very good and Malaysia is falling behind. The Laos bus already looks far more organized than rapid kl, very sad.
That's why I say it won't be surprised if in the future, countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam will even have much better public transportation system than Malaysia in terms of quality and services.
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It's already published online, it has been published for a few years now. We are already passed that stage, we need physical signs now!!
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Electronic locations of the bus stops are already on rapid kls website and have been there for a few years already!!!!!
Yes, you need to have an "electronic" copy of a sign first before you can get a hard copy. Have a look at . Click on Pelabuhan Klang > Batu Caves. It will lead you to - Bt Caves-14052012.xls . Yes, the "electronic" copy of of KTM's Komuter TimeTable sign is an Excel Spreadsheet. After having an electronic copy you can get it printed out as physical sign.

You can have "electronic" copy in other formats such as DWG, VSD, PDF etc.
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Yes we all agree that we need timetables, but why are you saying we need electronic locations of the bus stops when we already have them?
Anantha92, we are talking about electronic copy of timetables/schedule for buses (and physical copy thereof).
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I don't think that's a schedule it just looks like they are naming the stops on each bus route. What we need is a reliable timetable and full integration with google maps transit.
Rapid kl says when the bus starts and stops as well, what we want is the individual timetable for every bus route. Just have a thing that turns when you twist it with the time table and a pole at a bus stop. And just print a new piece of paper when the times or routes changes.

Yes, it's also a schedule, didn't you see the upper right corner they stated when the bus start to operate and cease operation??? The time??? They even tell you when is the last trip, what time. No matter what, the signage is still much better than what you get in Malaysia.
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