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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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I think the soft copy version shall be a complement to proper signage. The debate is not on whether we should scrap the signage completely in favour of app like thing. It is about what can we contribute to the system.

If prasarana dont hear our complaints dont expect us to sit still and do nothing. Let the smart people take advantage of the technology. At least the old school man has someone to ask.

We should take it to the next level. In the end, we are the one who use it.
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