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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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Seriously SPAD need to get serious and sort things out before the new extensions opens, cause if they can actually sort these things out before the grand opening, tourist would be slightly more happy to ride the "looking 80's" MRT to the KLCC ,or batu Cave even. (Seriously the trains need a little makeover to be a little modern, at this rate it looked like it's going to scrap soon even though it's still a long way till there...)
I agree with you too , in fact , I bet even a Primary school Student, Mature enough to seat down, can do a better job then those guys at the offices paid to do that
I as a graphic design student can make signage for KL metro 999x better

basic typography failed

colour combination failed

layout failed

bet they got some old head of department to have his free time print out on A4 and stick

I think I will do an entire project on this
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Maybe u could show how u handle the exit? I would recommend a solution similar to the Singapore's naming it A and B
Actually no ,they are not named but instead they were given identification markers from the street they are on and the LTA code for the bus stops.
And also the bus stops are not all that well built ,some are faced with overcrowding while some are "ancient artifact"
A bus stop in Singapore:

All the bus stops in Singapore are given a proper name and hard copy signage:

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^^ as a reminder ,the Chinese has only begun the process of having actual public transport recently, until then they were mostly factory shuttles or long distance buses.
Parkor lol .then kena tio bang by the bus...:eek:hno:
Bus stop by RapidKL.

How to get into the bus? [emoji12]
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Seriously SPAD and other departments need to eventually have something of like Singapore's cross agencies directive (or something like that) .
Singapore is already going build a joint Op station for the emergency and essential services. Malaysia can start by having that cross agency thing...
-Deleted double post phone derped-
Star wars? Just cause the Dark Disagreement is strong these days :troll:
Wow that's a pretty -bad- common Photoshop...

Well let's hope the new lines will mean a new life...or just a new signage...

will they change this type of signages?? really hate to see this sign everyday. font overlap with the box!!
IMO the language needed are :

:: Legend: ::
:: Spoken - ::
:: Written - [W] ::
:: Main Spoken or Written{Main} ::

English ( Lingua franca ;common language)
[W] {Main}

Malay (National Language)
[W] {Main}

Chinese (Regional language)

Tamil (Regional language)

Japanese (Regional Language)

Optional: French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
I doubt it's anything but the static panel type, since it has the usual plastic covering...

Yea saw many of those in all LRT stations that I've been recently, like this one in Sri Rampai. Hopefully it will display proper bus route that we've been dying for, or better yet real-time bus information system.

^^ woah! no indecent behaviour? a bit of "privacy" intrusion ?
^^ I would beg differ , perhaps for the internal signage , but the external signage should be as similar as possible and yet differ enough to tell the differences between the different modes.
sorry for OT , but please enlighten me how they would differentiate the upline /downline say for the UK's London-Edinburgh (East coast) corridor.

I suppose like the saying "All roads leads to Rome" , London serves as the epicentre? therefore , the "to London" tracks are considered as downline and vis Versa
Well I never thought you guys are referring to the Commuter lines, i thought it was universal. As far as I'm concerned, either one, US or UK, used Upline & Downline on their mainlines.
I think they are upgrading the signages to MRT 1 signage standard, which more could be desired to be improved such as more prominent logo and better font size...
Monorail only tho, hope they follow consistent design language for all the lines in the network
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