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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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This is a total disgrace, let's leave aside the aesthetic aspect of signage. But the accuracy, clarity and visibility??? My God, even a kindergarten kid can make bigger and better signage than this.
I DISCOVER ONE SIMPLE FACT about signage at Malaysian public transport stations or terminal. It's NOT BIG and CLEAR ENOUGH for people to see and read it. As if SPAD, RAPID KL or KTMB ARE VERY VERY AFRAID for people to find out the name of the stations.
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Why??? Why the public transport stations and terminal of Malaysia is SO AFRAID TO LET THE PUBLIC to see the station name VIVIDLY and CLEARLY???
To be honest, public suggestions or even COMPLAINTS are REFERENCE ONLY for PRASARANA. They only CARE ABOUT their SO CALLED professional opinions. They hardly take public complaint seriously unless something big happens.
1 - 20 of 545 Posts
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