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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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why not prasarana and rapidKL using the same voice for all LRT,monorail and upcoming mrt in the train annoucement..rite now the new KJ line train annoucement, really dissapointed because the voice not so good IMO.
Send a complain email to prasarana see whether they will take public opinion or not. Most important is the clear pronunciation, some announcement at KL central have some weird slang.

Changing the voice would be easy, they should find some hot, sexy, young and soft female voice.
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Yeah wouldn't mind having more languages esp French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Korean, Hindi, Benggali, Khmers, Vietnamese, etc to make it more international - then no need for tourists to ask locals so many questions lor hahaha ??? :cheers:
You sure that is a good idea? Hahaha. TBH dont really trust rapid KL's signage too much. Some are outdated and some are given in wrong information. Also I dun wan our signage be laughing stock for foreigner because the language are wrong. Look at our Chinese banner when china leader come and visit. All use google translate and it went wrong, even Chinese also they can get it wrong. I just scare if they use multi language signage and it will make tourist more confuse.
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Lol, FNNG! Atmap is just being sarcastic lah! Hehe. Dont take it too seriously.
@[email protected] no i wasn't serious la… I did put "HAHAHA" :lol:

I just trying to say i have no confidence in our rapidKL/prasarana.:)
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The map looks kinda messy... maybe because all the iconic logo here and there.

I kinda like London's tube map... maybe because i am used to it. It does give a clean view.
Anyway since Malaysia have Legoland..... can we have this kind of thing in KL Sentral as an attraction ?,616386

Seriously I think this is a really good idea, just work with Legoland in Johor and ask them make a Klang Valley Integration Transit Map Lego for free. Then put it in KL Sentral and Legoland get free advertisement for themselves. When tourist see this lego map they will know that there is a Legoland in Malaysia and maybe they will visit Legoland in Johor after this.

Prasarana/RapidKL also get some benefit from this fun map as it can give public a new image as to be more young and fun company. This will definitely improve Prasarana/RapidKL's image and make it more friendly to public.
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^^ The new lrt extension stations did have neighbourhood maps though, but mostly located just outside the ticket gates.

For the case of New York, I can say that their subway system is way behind the London's subway system, albeit the London's subway is 50 years older than that of New York's. All the plans in my perspective displayed are actually plans to modernise the system to reach the 21st century standard.

Addition: I would say hong kong and taipei will be the better model as from my point of view they're constantly upgrading their system.
Its true I lived in London for few years and I definitely like their tube system. But if really want to compare between London's tube system and bus system, I would say their bus system is way more efficient and convenient than tube. Their bus system is one of the best i have ever seen.

I never been to hong kong but i've been to Taipei and I feel that their metro system is quite nice as well. It is more modern compare to europe and japan... just like KL where most of our station are in modern design so we shared some similarities. However one thing I dislike about Taipei's metro is that they don't allow passenger to drink inside the train... not even bottle mineral water. I don't get it... its just a plain water not like bubbletea or some sweet drinks. :nuts:

NY sub remains one of the worst example in the industry, even with this new line.
Not going to say learn exactly like new york but the post i posted earlier is what new implementation they going to add on each station just to improve their public transport quality. I think some new implementation is kinda nice and we could learn from it.
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Taipei Metro Passenger Information Display Animation V3.0

i like how they put the floor plan of the station to inform the passenger about the exit of the station.

Japan Passenger Information Display System

Hong Kong MTR Passenger Information Display System

Seoul Subway Line 9 Passenger Information Display System

After watching few countries passenger information display inside the train... they usually will announce the door will open at which side (left or right) except Japan where they will show "door on opposite side will open" / "door in this side will open" since they have TV in both side.

Malaysia don't really have these information either in Monorail/LRT/KTM.
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