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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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Slightly irrelevant but this diagram is a wee bit confusing, doesn't the LCCT station comes after KLIA, and both KLIA express and Transit service actually terminates at KLIA 2

NVM Disregard that, diagram is old. Pre-KLIA 2.
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I would just like to say that I totally disagree on the sentiment that just because it is forever changing, or that it changes too fast, that we should not invest in hardcopy signage.

Come on, not everything changes so soon and even if it does, part and parcel of being the authority is to provide authoritative info in a timely and dependable manner. While it sure is convenient using third-party services such as Google Maps, Google Indoors or whatever, and to say that updating info on it is cost negligible, information provided on Google is always as-is, it is only as good as someone who puts up on it. RapidKL, Prasrana or whomever should know that we always need redundancy, and you can’t expect everyone to want to go online to check something simple up. Like, if I were in a train, and the public announcement was down for some reason, I would sincerely appreciate if a station I have never been too, or it because I am confused because they all look-alike (happens when you ride the subway, or you travel overground at night) to be a able to tell me where am I. If going online were just for details or other interesting but relevant information, or the latest updated info that may be OK. But you cannot simply go on as if signage or on the ground information is not important and in order for one to use a particular metro system, one only needs to buy an expensive guide book, cause that is what it feels like.

While there may be an app for everything. Not everyone downloads every app, and even if they did there is just not enough time in the world of them to use it. Also, how many people do you know actually uses a smart phone to plan out trips using public transport in Malaysia. What is being asked is quite simple. We need reliable information delivered to us appropriately. You can’t expect everyone to own a smart phone to be part of the loop. That’s discrimination against the poor right there. People have a right to information.
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even some country do the auditions for the voice that will be using for train announcements. i dont remember what country it is.
Sometimes its better if train announcements selection were not be made into a popularity contest.

Anyone remember the MRT logo thing...
that went well, didn't it?
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KJ Line (in train) announcement

I think we need to reduce the noice inside the train. Perhaps, some sound proof on its body.
Frankly, I don't think sound proofing is going to be effective nor is it going to be cheap. It's better if they have visual signals/announcements to compliment the audio announcement. Since LCD technology, is getting real cheap and small, I am sure they could imitate the Yamanote Line in Tokyo Japan by having visual destinations shown on LCD screen above every other door. Of course, this brings it back to the basics for showing only simple and relevant information which I know Malaysian Transport Operators have a tough time doing.. But this would be much better.

Door opening information

Uses could also include showing other relevant information such as status concerning other relevant train lines, diversions etc.

Note the use of 2 separate LCD screens on top of each door. It's done so one could show adverts or whatever without interrupting the other's use for displaying pure train information.
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One of the first quality compliance that I would like to see SPAD enforce is that all Bus Operators in Klang Valley should publish their time table / schedule for each routes complete with bus stops locations on their websites (very low cost incurred).

As of now ...

(1) provides all routes, including bus stops locations on a map, but without schedule (or frequency).

(2) provides list of all routes with start/end points and frequency but without all stops locations, without maps, without schedule.

What about other city buses in KL? See also .

Great points.

also i would like to further add that no one seems to be publishing an integrated bus route map, like most of the bus route diagrams available on rapidkl's website seem to only exist in isolation, i.e. stops are shown for individual routes. Whatever happen to those area route maps that were once published when rapidkl was pushing the "hub and spoke" agenda. I am sure there have been many changes to bus schedules but, the public needs these kinds of maps.

All one sees now should one check out the rapidkl site is some route map made up of railway lines surrounded by numbered areas. How is one who doesn't know the system suppose to know what they represent?

in the past, during the times of intrakota and city liner, dbkl had some intergrated maps for public transport, which was placed at certain bus stops throughout kuala lumpur, these maps had bus routes from intrakota and city liner, though some of the information were a wee bit inaccurate, the fact that it existed was great help to someone like me when I had to plan my journey. It's really sad, that now, with all this internet 2.0, we don't really have an intergrated map, sure there is always that trip planner which rapid kl encourages people to use. Well, that sure is good. but old-schoolers like me would sure like to be more in touch when we plan our trips. though it is possible using individual route maps, but I consider this an unnecessary hassle, and certainly a major inconvenience.

Same as the other posters, on site info should not be neglected.
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Is there a timetable/schedule for bus routes in Klang Valley online?
RapidKL only shows routes (include bus stops), operating hours.
Cityliner only shows routes (end points only), operating hours and generic frequency.
Did I miss some website somewhere?

There are of course timetable/schedule for rail routes online.
KTM Komuter provided in XLS format.
ERL KLIA Ekspres/Transit time table and frequency.
RapidKL AG KJ MR lines are headway based, frequency throughout the day given.

LOL RAPIDKL Doesn't even have a single map to show all available bus routes.
I am sure they have links to individual bus routes with GPS coordinates of bus stop tied to Google Maps, but I don't think they have one where all stops and line routes are shown.

Was hoping for something in the vanity of this
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Pathetic, Rapid KL they themselves don't do that schematic map and they need other mapping enthusiast to do it for them??? :eek:hno:
Back when they began, RAPIDKL used to have these maps, but most of them look so awful! But to a certain degree, they encouraged transfer between different routes.

Zone 1

Zone 5


RapidKL whole system, it just show you where the areas are roughly, with the train lines as reference

GOKL Bus Route

The sad thing about this GOKL bus route map is that there are not much physical signage placed on the ground so it is only just now did I find the existence of this particular bus route layout. Which in my opinion quite sad. This kind of route information should be available down on the street, at bus stops and at relevant train stations. Is that so much to ask?
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My target is to get the routes, schedules published. Online first. Physical later. Achievable?

Singapore LTA have routes, schedules, real time information published online and in mobile apps. See and respectively.
I haven't double checked Taiwan and Hong Kong.
WOW! Just checked the LTA website and I am very impressed.
Here they are very generous with the handing out of data.
You can easily gather all kinds of data from their "data mall", something I believe all transport operators Malaysia should try imitate.

There are many examples to nit pick from, but I shall just pick the data concerning number of parking space..
To really implement such kind of data distribution, SPAD should really be working with all relevant parties, such as Mid-Valley which have parking bay information which is currently displayed on electronic sign boards at entrances to their carparks. Along with the ones controlled by DBKL which makes note of KLCC and Bukit Bintang parking spaces. Then combine and redistribute this data in real time in a workable format. Such that Malaysian app designers (third-party) can make use of this data and provide apps which are then made available to end-users.

Now this is somewhat inverse to the topic at hand, where physical electronic signage is available at hand but we would prefer for more, i.e. stuff like this to be uploaded online such that it could be utilized by the public to serve the public.

Other interesting data I would really like fawn about are the ridership and data usage, under facts & figures, currently data for these kinds of things are hard to come by in Malaysia, you'd typically find simplified summaries that have typically been post-processed by news agencies, if one wants to do any sort of research in Malaysia, one is expected to visit the companies and physically request the data, and even then it could take forever for them to comply. In the UK, there is this law called the Freedom of Information Act, which puts it out that companies must respond to these kinds of requests. But in Malaysia, I don't think there is (correct me if I am wrong). As such I think SPAD should set the lead by making these data easily accessible.

And there is no shame in doing a total imitation of what Singapore's LTA are doing, none at all.
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You must have an electronic copy of a sign first before you can get someone to make/print you a hard physical copy. Or do you think otherwise?
Not necessarily, back in the day...

There were people called engineering draftsman, whom created great works of transport art.

Tube Map in 1908

Tube Map in 1933

Modern Tube Map
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I was once treated to a view of a white guy and a chinese girl french kissing in the singapore MRT

The MRT door opened and BAM, two young adults with their faces stuck together like glue
And then what happen?

In the U.S. people will tell u off by saying " get a room!".
At least, you don't see them doing Don Draper style wiping his finger off some skirt.

This Map was unveiled at LPTA Symposium November 2015. I did post a snapshot of the map printed on a big poster being unveiled by SPAD Chairman then.

From post #43 in "What name Sg Buloh-Kajang MRT Line shall be called?" thread
I like how the map is taller than everyone.
Dunno where to put but:
Ktm does update the current train arrival time based on the train's location. Just that they didn't state how long it's delayed and the current location of train is announced through the speaker.
Yeah, they do, but not always. It's highly dependent on the whims and fancies of whoever is manning the station. Sometimes, announcements are done remotely through a central location. Even so, announcements don't always occur, and a person is more often than not, clueless as to what is happening while waiting.

Moving on, there is still a disconnect between KTMB and RAPIDKL. It very visible that these two aren't coordinating as much as they should be. KTMB is still pretty much living in their bubble of late 70s's style announcements and signage, and does not care much as to how the "others" are doing.
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