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LRT/MONORAIL/MRT Train Announcements and Signage at the station.

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IMHO our train announcement should be clear and use the proper voice. recently the new KJ line train announcement not so good compare to the previous one. the best train announcement so far is in the KLIA transit and KLIA express. The voice is clear and the pronouncation was good. Why lrt and monorail cant implement the good one...

The signages at the stations also need to change because the one that using now looks so bad.
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You should checkout the LRT service status TV display at the Ampang Park station also. Too much clutter, like it's taken out of some powerpoint slide made by school children.

The design language should always follow this principle, K-I-S-S. (Keep it simple S). Have sent so many e-mails and feedbacks for how many years and still nothing.

And they have this terrible silo mentality thingy going. If you notice that at the HSBC Masjid Jamek side, they only put station name for the AG Line and no mention of KJ line at all. Should have treat it as a single station with 4 platforms running 2 services instead of two separate stations that was forced to have a shared space somewhere.

And talking about bus services, it's sad that most of the LRT stations do not yet have the bus arrival countdown display.
the thing that always in my mind... why the train sign overlap with the fonts each others??? so sad again...
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Don't forget also the poor signages at underground station. At some place inside the train you can't see the stations names (blocked by stairs or columns). Last time they had the illuminated station name on the side of the tunnels. Now not anymore.
our current LRT dont have any LED indicator/display inside trains. thats why i suggest this idea.
Wait, wait. So by that same logic, highways and roads should not be bothered with good signages (most people have GPS, and everybody knows exactly where the TnG and SmartTAG lanes are), and that also means all travelers should know first hands which gates are where at airports too.

Nobody understands what it means to have good wayfinding and signages better than a man who has to pee in a mall he has never been to before.
You mean something like this ?

But RapidKL/Prasarana have nothing like this. Apart from the JP, I don't see any other significant update of contents on their pages (you can go through the whole website in much less than 30 mins). I'm sure they still keep all those stations floor maps but why not use them?

With the MRT halfway completed and set to be integrated into RapidKL's networks, you must understand that the people have a valid concern that whatever shortcomings we see in our current signages will be steamrolled into the new system as well.

And if the 8 platforms KLSentral MRT, LRT and KTM stations are indeed to be integrated whole, I'd rather we do the signages properly this time rather than have something like the one at Masjid Jamek.
You do realise that we are talking about a few types of signages here ...

(1) Arrows (hanging from ceiling, on the walls, on the floors) pointing to specific locations/amenities within stations/malls.

(2) Maps/Schematics of all locations within a floor of the stations/malls. Or even for all floors of the stations/malls.

(3) Maps/Schematics of all locations of interest around neighbourhood of the stations/malls.

The last two can be much more easily updated in softcopy. Using mobile apps such as Google Maps. Or even just as a PDF downloadable from a website, that can be viewed and printed if needed.
Please guys, sticking to one's personal views is OK, regardless of the disagreement. Name calling is not, let's keep this forum fun ok :D. And I wonder if Szehoong is still active/moderating ?
Saw this beside the linkway to the Taman Midah station, not sure what it is tho. Thoughts?

Monorail only tho, hope they follow consistent design language for all the lines in the network

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