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Luanda | Intercontinental Hotel & Casino

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Luanda, Angola

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), the world's largest Hotel (by number of rooms) is investing in hotel properties in Luanda and Space Group of Korea was chosen to be the project architect.

The 25-storey hotel covering a total floor area of 53,128.3 sq. m. caters 389 guest rooms. This multi-faceted glass cladded building will surely be a main attraction, for it will glitter at daytime and will illuminate during nightime, emanating the character of a diamond.
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hi is this the same project?

posted by skytrax
oh and im talking about the site infront
sorry so what is the name of this tower?

posted by Miguel Fonseca
one of my korean friends was telling me that namkwang is a korean company and which other project is currently being designed by a korean company
ps: does any1 have more information on the project as i could ask her if she knows more about this project
thanks for the link vFG but i think we should create a thread for this topic as it seems we're going off topic ;-)
nice shot tbite that help loads thanks
jeez wish i could see the construction/engineering pictures of the facade of this building very exciting
cool hamm where was the photo taken from?
yummy one my fave u/c on the continent at the moment i love the architecture great updates 2
anything new on the best looking build in angola :-D
where will the people be relocated to ? are they are laws protecting the slum dwellers whether the occupy the land legal or illegal .....we have a problem like this in the johannesburg cbd though the law tends to slide to human rights than the developer which is often a problem as the government never plays its role in relocating people .
Don´t worry, it will be torn down, according to the documents that I read.
service core most likely
Why is there a white ribbon on the building?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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