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Lubbock - USA

13927 Views 99 Replies 90 Participants Last post by  Leonardo M. Gaz
Here is Lubbock Texas. For all the people complaining about boring USA cities don't worry because I think this will probly be the last (or one of the last) ones. here is Lubbock on a map of texas b/c I doubt anyone knows where it is.
(red star)

And here is the beutiful skyline

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It leaves MUCH to be desired. It's location in the dusty panhandle really doesn't offer it the option to be dense.

hmmmz, its not a very interesting skyline. Lubbock, first time I hear about it.
Too sprawly and not very good with the skyline. I give it a 4/10. :(
yeh I pretty much agree with everyone. it looks really boring. (4.5)
How grim. I wonder what used to occupy all those downtown blocks before they were flattened for parking. Sometimes you learn that a city you don't know much about is a hidden gem... but this is certainly not the case with Lubbock. 4.
how strange. just found this website yesterday and my hometown, Lubbock, gets reviewed today. It was pretty much flat dirt that was leveled for parking.
Hey Brummad, i think i saw your choir perform.
lubbock i love it...i got rayally drunk with my host family in lubbock when i toured texas with a choir in 2000. lovely centre of the town is a bit of a dump tho.
MuddyZehbra32 said:
And here is the beutiful [sic] skyline
I'd hardly call the skyline "beautiful".

It looks extremely sparse and flat; very low density.

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Yuk. 3.5/10. The tiny skyline looks bad in the urban sprawl.
eh? buddy holly was from lubbock, wasn't he?
Doesn't look like they've built anything new there in 30 years. I think they have 2 Fuddruckers' though.
We used to fly in there from Laughlin AFB all the time for lunch. Good barbecue. Texas Tech is there, and back in the day when they had Reese AFB it was the place to be for pilot training... till Bubba closed it down 'cause he didn't like the local Congressman.
Love Texas, but this is pretty bad. Gotta go with the 3.5,
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Boring and seems more like a ghost town.
Worst skyline ever!
0/10 :(:(
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