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LUBUMBASHI | General Construction

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Congo's Second city, South East part of the country.

Population 1.8 million .

New Housing being built by Echelle Congo.

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Government needs to give people like that money. The guy is making bricks out of recycled plastic, that's amazing. That is the kind of stuff I like to see.:cheers::cheers:
Thanks BUTEMBO,This looks fantastic the buildings seem to harbour a variety of housing spatial typologies. This will be affordable, building services Lubumbashi, doing well.:cheers:

Is this a private or Government project ??

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It's most likely private. but they have a website. ADMINISTRATEUR DIRECTEUR GERANT: UPITE MUKUMBILA Thècle

Is this a private or Government project ??

it's Private.
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Lubumbashi to the suburb of Kipushi , 15 Kms long.

Courtesy of MBA-Congo.
Water treatment under Construction by Congolese engineers.

In Lubumbashi.

Road infrastructure

Maniema avenue inaugurate tiles(SCORIS) made in Katanga

Last online Thursday, October 22, 2009

The project to date there is little it is a work of Elie Lomba, adviser to the governor, who has set up a slab for road paving. Made from slag and waste plastics, the tiles replace the asphalt with the acquisition on the international market is expensive. That determined the provincial authority to handle the mass production of this local product. To move from words to action, Maniema Avenue in the city of Lubumbashi has been chosen to host an experimental basis, the tiles produced locally. Moses Katumbi Chapwe, Governor the builder, was personally responsible for giving the go this operation covering an area of 2500 square meters.

The ceremony was held Friday, October 16 before a delighted crowd of progressive transformation and critical roads in the capital copper. On this occasion, the designer of the project has provided some practical explanations Governor Katumbi that immediately after, proceeded to lay the first slab, giving the go at covering the route of high traffic.

But the party returned to the people who, once again, welcomed the commitment of tight governor of Katanga to the province model for implementing the program for 5 yards initiated by President Joseph Kabila. Approached by the press, the beneficiary population expressed fascinated by the work of its governor. "The works speak for themselves. We are not fanatics, but welcomes the actions taken on regular field by Governor Moses Katumbi, "said women and men alike.

Martha Bosuandole
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Lubumbashi starts buildingroads with SCORIES.:banana:

Moses Katumbi is on site in Lubumbashi.

Last online Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Upon his return from Nigeria where he had gone out with the ravens of the Almighty Mazembe, which is sponsoring the president, the governor of Katanga province, accompanied by his Minister for Infrastructure visited Kalebuka on deck Kafubu where the old structure was set aside pending the cast a new two lane bridge. The work for this book are set for three weeks. In this place, the governor has provided some advice to a young scholar on the usefulness of education.

The governor then went on the construction of the Avenue Maniema full rehabilitation with tiles manufactured in Katanga by the intelligence and local expertise on provincial government funding. Consolidation work is on the rise by the payment of tar mixed with the slag while the work of border and pipeline progressing well. The provincial authority has drawn the attention of road users not to clog the pipeline routes by throwing garbage.
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Cheers to all the Congolese engineers, industrialists, scientists, and so on, for their innovation. They ought to be proud. :cheers:
Butembo, which project is this ???
The South african project that is planned by the Luano Airport.
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