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LUBUMBASHI | General Construction

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Congo's Second city, South East part of the country.

Population 1.8 million .

New Housing being built by Echelle Congo.

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Government needs to give people like that money. The guy is making bricks out of recycled plastic, that's amazing. That is the kind of stuff I like to see.:cheers::cheers:
It's most likely private. but they have a website. ADMINISTRATEUR DIRECTEUR GERANT: UPITE MUKUMBILA Thècle
Luano City construction to start in 3 months

Head man in the video said it.
Lubum09 are you around in Lubumbashi now? I want to see this beach.
the runway is about to start soon June is the deadline. Kyungu wa Kuwanza will put some fire in someone's ass. Knife fight already broke out at the provinical assembly things must be set back to order.

road construction

parc creation
That's how people are taxed in Addis so what's the problem. I had to sell my coat watch and shoe outside the Addis airprt because I forgot about the tax. Look at Bole airport now.
What hurts, each passenger $ 10 for domestic flights and $ 50 for international flights. RVA has enough by now to repair or built new runway in Katanga.

I also believe that the funds were diverted elsewhere during the recession. It's a damn shame they haven't fixed the runway in Lubumbashi. I can't stand that airport it so fucking old. I guess shutting it down would put some heat on the central government and RVA to get their act together. Luano airport needs to be bulldozed.
Ministère national recherche scientifique, Tournée au Katanga

only way to build that huge would be at the outskirt, plus this is being built with Chapwe cash doubt he his going to be spending all of his money on a large stadium.
Most likely but I think building in the outskirts of the city would be great, Lubumbashi should be expanding out it's getting crowded. A large 80,000 seater stadium or arena will expand the city out.
It could be expanded in future, wonder what incentive was given to TP Mazembe, for their heroics last season by the government. Nice to see Chapwe doing what he does best.
Fans? Soccer is not all that is to focus on. Lubumbashi needs a large stadium for events more than soccer. Driving from one end of the city to the other takes less than 15 minutes, you can walk the ends in less then 2 hours. Lubumbashi isn't NYC or other large cities, it still expanding building on the outskirts won't hurt anyone, a whole new city Luano is being built right on the outskirt. We need to start expanding.
I'm glad Freeport is an Arizona based Company, and Kabila has flown over to Phoenix. Hopefully we get developers from Arizona. Phoenix, Tempe and Scottdale are amazing. Luano city would of been amazing, 4 billion dollar of fucking waste. I wont be buying a plot there.

Phoenix Downtown
What? I'm talking about developers. It would of been sweet if they were from Arizona, Phoenix is a nice city. Fungurume in a couple of years will surpass Lubumbashi and it's association with Freeport will probably get developers from there with interest in Katanga. Arizona has some really nice cities.
Thats just a dream. Why would South africans pay Americans for a simple job they do themselves?
Fungurume is growing. Young bucks of Lubumbashi are looking for jobs in Fungurume, you move where jobs are promising. This is the main reason for growth in Kolwezi and Likasi also. Fungurume has an international runway already laid. Lubumbashi does not revolve around soccer, soccer doesn't feed you, the mining sector does. Farming and Mining investments are active in Fungurume and people are flocking. Fungurume is going to be the biggest city in the area.
Do you see where Tenke and Fungurume is on the map, follow that rail line closely that's the only thing Fungurume is waiting for. Fungurume is the the future Hub for the area. It's growing.
Lubumbashi will pale in comparison to what is shaping up in Tenke and Fungurume. Just because Lubumbashi is the capital doesn't mean its the face of the future for the province. The mines are not there to stay but the timeframe its operational the service, and other sectors of the economy will follow suit. Fungurume isn't a village anymore it's a town. Why would RawBank and TMB move to a small village.
why don't I get it? Because I'm from there. Relative are from there, my home is right there in Lubumbashi. I talk to people about what's happening home daily. There is alot of stuff that don't make headlines but nevertheless taking shape.
I don't know why you don't get.

Lubumbashi's population is more than 20 times bigger than Fungurume. and keeps on growing.

Whilst Fungurume is still a village.

Lubumbashi is growing fast and you know that, Only mining , even with Agriculture.(As we know most people back home don't even like Agriculture).

And when Mining prices fail, there is a massive lay off like end of 2008. what happens to the people? they move to where the economy is divertified. not depending on bread alone.

Man cannot live off bread alone.
Are you nuts, the population has already reached over 100,000 thousand, you have transits from Kolwezi, Likasi and Lubumbashi. Transit workers, miners setting up camps, people as far as Zimbabwe living in camp cities in the surrounding. The area is going to grow even more than anticipated. They expected it to be at 200,000 at 2025 but it's already reaching that level now in 2025 it's going to be double that population.

The population is not even 50,000 yet. :hahaha:
The mining company Tenke Fungurume MINING (TFM) has just developed by a consulting firm specializing in urban planning, a plan to build a modern city FUNGURUME over 15 years from 2010 to 2025.

This document entitled "Management Plan for urban development of the city of FUNGURUME
(PGDU) was presented Monday to authorities in Katanga and departments concerned with planning for assessment and enrichment.
The PGDU is designed in many ways and stages of transformation of the current city of FUNGURUME in a city, including the subdivision of new districts in an area of 2840 Ha, managing the environment with the exhaust system of garbage The construction of basic social infrastructure: roads, highways, hospitals, schools, concert halls, stadiums, shopping complexes, public places for demonstrations, installation of networks of water and electricity etc..

These projects will be implemented gradually in the short term and some medium-term financing under other TFM and its national and international partners through a foundation established for this purpose.

Mr. Alphonse Soh, Project Manager Group 8, the consultancy firm which developed the PGDU, the present city of FUNGURUME in 2025 has a population of over 200,000 inhabitants. The plan, he said, takes into account the changing demographics of this mining town.

Mr. Fridolin KASWESHI, Provincial Minister of Infrastructure, Planning and habitat that represented the provincial authority in the meeting, gave its opinion on the technical PGDU.

Mr. KASWESHI, the provincial government has always advocated the observance of standards in urban construction or expansion of settlements, strongly supports and is involved in this project. The provincial government hopes that the example of TFM is followed by other mining companies for the development of Katanga.

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