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LUBUMBASHI | General Construction

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Congo's Second city, South East part of the country.

Population 1.8 million .

New Housing being built by Echelle Congo.

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I admire this man's courage . Future president.
What hurts, each passenger $ 10 for domestic flights and $ 50 for international flights. RVA has enough by now to repair or built new runway in Katanga.

I don't know whats with RVA and the stupid central government.

Lubumbashi makes so much money . This Airport has lots of Flights for International flights. Enough money to fix the Arport, but they just pocket the money.

The Chinese visited the runway a few times last year. still nothing happens.
Its a damn shame that there have to be threats before something is done.

When are we ever going to have authorities that do things because its their jobs.

Wonder where all the taxes from people went.
Thanks for vids,

Can you download the Mazembe Stadium construction as well?
Damn that was fast. Thanks a lot man.

But 18,000? thats 2 small? :eek:hno: i was expecting something like 40,000.
Most likely but I think building in the outskirts of the city would be great, Lubumbashi should be expanding out it's getting crowded. A large 80,000 seater stadium or arena will expand the city out.
Building it outside the city is not a good idea. That bad for the fans. Don't ever build a stadium far from fans.

Public transportation is not that good. Look at how American and SA , Eorpeans, Japanese, Korean, North African .stadiums are. right in the middle of the city.
Fans? Soccer is not all that is to focus on. Lubumbashi needs a large stadium for events more than soccer. Driving from one end of the city to the other takes less than 15 minutes, you can walk the ends in less then 2 hours. Lubumbashi isn't NYC or other large cities, it still expanding building on the outskirts won't hurt anyone, a whole new city Luano is being built right on the outskirt. We need to start expanding.
I know you want the city to expand. Something i'm very much against. if it expands. i want it to expand slowly.

It's about the cost of transportation for the people, infrastructures cost for the local government.

Keep it small as possible. or we will start seing erosion like the ones eating Kinshasa up.

We haven't even finished paving all the roads in Lubumbashi, Kinshasa , don't even mention other cities. some that even have only 1 or 2 paped roads, some don't even have one.

Exapinding without properly managing the existing build area will make it worst than Kinshasa.

I would want the large Stadium to be build at the current site in Kenya Commune or around Downtown or somewhere within the city where the majority of people live. Putting the stadium on outskirt of the ity will make it worst.

Look at where they are building Mazembe stadium. Indiside the city. thats great :yes:

Of course Lubumbashi needs a 60,000 seater Multi-Purpose Stadium. But not outside the city.

Don't forget that the majority of fans don't drive. they love it when they can rach the Stedium easily and closer to their homes. instead of spending the money on public transportation then on the stadium again. :nono:

Its about economic outlook . Most people will desagree with your plan.
i don't want Lubumbashi to look Like LA or Houston these ugly, polluted, Dirsty, public transportation rigged cities.

Do you know how much money cities with of this model spend? how would never want to become the major of cities like this.

San diego, San-Fransisco, Euro cities, Jpanese, cities are the best model of cities you want to get.
Thats just a dream. Why would South africans pay Americans for a simple job they do themselves?
What? I'm talking about developers. It would of been sweet if they were from Arizona, Phoenix is a nice city. Fungurume in a couple of years will surpass Lubumbashi and it's association with Freeport will probably get developers from there with interest in Katanga. Arizona has some really nice cities.
never Fungurume will never surpass L'shi. at least not in this century. Kolwezi is not even half way. how would Fung'me do so? how many are going to be working in Fung'me? 1 million?

L'shi is 1.8 million. Fung'me is not even 250,000. how would they catch Lubumbashi? Remember Lubumbashi is still growing fast and all the infrastructures being laid down? With a Chance for CAF hosting construction , it will even grow faster.

I fact L'shi will be more than 2 million before 2014. and Fungurume not even 300,000 in 2020.
Fungurume is growing. Young bucks of Lubumbashi are looking for jobs in Fungurume, you move where jobs are promising. This is the main reason for growth in Kolwezi and Likasi also. Fungurume has an international runway already laid. Lubumbashi does not revolve around soccer, soccer doesn't feed you, the mining sector does. Farming and Mining investments are active in Fungurume and people are flocking. Fungurume is going to be the biggest city in the area.
Fungurunge is growing i agree, so is Lubumbashi .

If i was a millionaire i would bet that Fungurume will not even catch Kolwezi by 2020.

Wantashi is the giant there for ever.:) Soccer? yes it feeds people. Luano city will provide 1000s of jobs as well. and there are farms on the outskirt as well. more over Lubumbashi is growing toward Kipushi and between L'shi and Kansumalesa.

No chance that F'rume will ever catch Wantashi. Not even dreams. people will not only depend on Mining. once prices go down. They will be back to Wantashi.

People used to talk about Kolwezi the same way(More people actually believed it). that it will catch wantashi, never happened. let alone F'rume that is not even 200,000 today.:lol:
Yes i see it. It doesn't change anything . Lubumbashi always been and will always be in the Queen of the area.

Mining will not last for ever. Don't forget Lubumbashi is being fixed and its a matter of time time before more investors start flooding in .

Like i said , F'rume will not even catch Kolwezi by 2020. let alone Wantashi.

And when Kalemie is opened up. more people will move for Kalemie. as commecial fishing, farming , investors, cement, texile, internal Tourism reopen :)

Kolwezi has it smelters are well and it growing as well.

I know you love and expect to much of Tenke-F'rume, but lets face facts that it will never suurpass Wantashi, even Kolwezi and Kalemie will be growing like mushrooms as well.

They are growing now, whilst F'rume is still a village.
I don't know why you don't get.

Lubumbashi's population is more than 20 times bigger than Fungurume. and keeps on growing.

Whilst Fungurume is still a village.

Lubumbashi is growing fast and you know that, Only mining , even with Agriculture.(As we know most people back home don't even like Agriculture).

And when Mining prices fail, there is a massive lay off like end of 2008. what happens to the people? they move to where the economy is divertified. not depending on bread alone.

Man cannot live off bread alone.
why don't I get it? Because I'm from there. Relative are from there, my home is right there in Lubumbashi. I talk to people about what's happening home daily. There is alot of stuff that don't make headlines but nevertheless taking shape.
Well, just because your from there and the massive mining around and only mining there. doesn't make relevant to compare to a metropolis.

People will laugh at you all day when you say such a thing that in 5 years it will surpass Kolwezi.

I garranty you that it will not even surpass Kolwezi, let alone Lubumbashi.

Mining is Alfa and Omega of that village. They wont even have a Football team that will be able to compete nationally .

How many people are going to be hired there anyways? perhaps 50,000. still will not catch L'shi in this century.

You comparing a Chicken to an Eagle, a goat to a Horse.

Lubumbashi will pale in comparison to what is shaping up in Tenke and Fungurume. Just because Lubumbashi is the capital doesn't mean its the face of the future for the province. The mines are not there to stay but the timeframe its operational the service, and other sectors of the economy will follow suit. Fungurume isn't a village anymore it's a town. Why would RawBank and TMB move to a small village.
Those banks went there because of the money from the company's Employees.

Like you said it yourself, its a small town. even small towns of less that 5,000 can have banks.

That doesn't change anything. its still a village. when compared to Kolwezi.
The population is not even 50,000 yet. :hahaha:
Are you nuts, the population has already reached over 100,000 thousand, you have transits from Kolwezi, Likasi and Lubumbashi. Transit workers, miners setting up camps, people as far as Zimbabwe living in camp cities in the surrounding. The area is going to grow even more than anticipated. They expected it to be at 200,000 at 2025 but it's already reaching that level now in 2025 it's going to be double that population.
Fare enough,

But 200,000 in 2025? that 15 years. :hahaha: thats just an estimation depending on how the mineral prices. whilst Lubumbashi will keep on growing.

Thats less than 10% of what Lubumbashi will be. still less than Kolwezi and even Likasi:lol:

Lubumbashi will be more than more than 3 million in 15 years, maybe even at 4 million mark.

So with less than 10% in 15 years, when are you going to Catch Wantashi?
Your really underestimating how much this town is going to boom once the rail line is back. The site is on the largest investment in the country 2 billion dollar has already been invested into the area in minor infrastructure, it is also going to be hub in the area.
Your super underestimating the already 1.8 million metropolis. Don't forget that Wantashi has it own Multibillion dollars investments as well.

Like you said, it will be 200,000 in 15 years. whilst Wantashi will be more than 3 million. making the town less than 10% of Lubumbashi and less than half of Kolwezi.

It funny to think that a town that will live on bread alone(Minerals alone) will be able to even catch the growing Kolwezi.

Kolwezi will be more than 1 million in 2020. let alone 2025.

If you can't catch Kolwezi, how will you catch Lubumbashi?
What? You comparing Goma and Butembo to the little town and a metropolis? that doesn't work at all.

Goma has always had a double of Butembo's Population. Goma at 200,000, Butembo at 100,000.

Hutu dominated Goma, Butembo Nande dominated. Its a local competition without foreigners involved.

Hutu are very good in Agriculture and Administration, while Nande are very good in Agriculture as well and Commerce .

I will go with Agriculture and Commerce. and people started moving from villages to Butembo because they wanted to have a huge center to represent Nande since Goma was Hutu dominated.

Now you can't beat Agriculture+ Commerce anywhere you go in the world.

Goma's boom is a combination of both Hutu and Nande that make up 70% of the city.

Everyone moved to Lubumbashi. and now they went back, but Lubumbashi has been booming with population from outside Katanga.

What is Fungurume going to do? How can a chicken compete against an Eagle? F'rume is only Mining. and what happen if and when the mining prices fail? F"rume will be reduced to goast town like Kolwezi and Likasi became during 2000-2004 no mining activities.
I'm tired of arguing. simple facts are that F"rume will never overtake Lubumbashi. Thats simple.

But you can continue to dream about F"rume overtaking L'shi. thats your oponion. I already given my facts.

Gecamine was the main drive behind Lubumbashi development. TFM are investing big in that part Katanga, it is going to be a major city in near future probably surpass Lubumbashi … it is human nature to migrate for economic reason.

Yes to migration. But Lubumbashi is growing without Gecamines.

Fungurume:100,000 today.

Lubumbashi:1,800,000+ million today. and growing

How many people will TFM employ? and it will only be mining.

Plus Lubumbashi still has mining of it own. and it has a divertified economy, and it has a 4 billion dollar investment Luano City. I can just imagine Lubumbashi growing so fast because of Luano city.

Not just that. but more investments will come in as mining prices are still high.

While in Fingurume it will only be full of Miners and a few small businesses.
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