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LUBUMBASHI | General Construction

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Congo's Second city, South East part of the country.

Population 1.8 million .

New Housing being built by Echelle Congo.

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What makes you think that people in Lubumbashi are sitting idle they are putting their money in Fungurume by buying up land for future investment. Kolwezi-Fungurume-Likasi that's the metropolis of the future. How can an investment that huge be ignored.
But you including Kolwezi-Fungurume-Likasi.

You were talking about Fungurume-Tenke alone.

Something that will be impassible for a town of (F'rume-Tenke) are only 100,000 and projected to be 200,000 in 2025.

What about Lubumbashi( today at 1.8 million) with Ruashi mining company and Luano city's $4 billion investment? and not just that, but other investments will come in that's for sure.

Lubumbashi has been attacting 10s of 1000s and that will only continue as the city's infrastructures are being laid in place.

So when are they going to catch up with Lubumbashi? But if you include kOLWEZI-LIKASI then that will happen sooner that later. Kolwezi-Likasi alone is already 850,000. almost half of L'shi already. then we agree.

But Fungurume-Tenke alone is impassible.
Do you know what happen Luluabourg (Kananga) after diamond boon more than 30 years ago? Bakwanga was a small territory less than 50.000 now, it’s huge city call Mbuji Mayi with more than 2 millions, has a lot more commercial activities and development. Also, look at Goma vs Bukavu.

Fact is that Gecamine is no longer major player in the mining industries and therefore…people will eventually move where they can find jobs and money.


Kananga was just a capital of of grand Kasai and thats it. It had nothing to offer. so people went where they can get something.
Mbuji-Mayi had too much to offer, also the problem that happened that led to the dividing of Grand Kasai.

Goma has too much to offer and overtook Bukavu. Agriculture, Tourism, more stronger than South-Kivu.

Difference between Tenke-Fungurume and Lubumbashi is that Lubumbashi still have lots to offer. Infrastructures , Ruashi and Kipushi mining. In facts people that will go to Fungurume are the ones from Kolwezi and Likasi. At the sametime Lubumbashi is getting developemnt of it infrastructures and the Luano city. Many business people and investors will be living in Luano city(the new city).

Lubumbashi has a lot to offer and it's divertifying it economy as well.
Yes, the governor is trying to make Lubumbashi economy devertified. Tourism and Service is one of the his main things.

Business Tourism will be the main thing for Lubumbashi, but Katanga as in rest of the country has massive Tourism Potential.

It should not be a problem. beside, i like the governor. he is doing a good job.

This is why i want African Cup of Nations to be held in the country.

We will build more hotels and that will be beneficial to Tourism.:)
I was expecting that with this World Cup in South Africa, our authorities could anticipate some forums about the potential of tourism in Katanga & DRC in general. Shouldn't so complicate to show to potential investors interesting sites , we must seduce ....

Most of all, we need a Minister dedicates only to tourism ( there are already had 3 changes, it's not a good thing)
I know what your saying, but.

Tourism, needs security first. then Electricity, water, better roads, good hotels and good behavior in people's personalities.

Without all that. we are not going to have any tourism.

You know the Central government is busy with idiocracy. Perhaps Moise Katumbi will do that for Katanga.

For tourism to take of in the next years years. we need advtizement such as hosting African Cup of Nations. Like Angola did.

We build Hotels, hospitals and Clinics, we build Airports, Fix Roads (Urban and National), we boost Communications and mostly Security. You'll see Tourism take off very fast.

People already know DRC has Tourism potential, but the wars and rebelions and lack of Tourism infrastructures has damaged our image.

Until corruption is greatly reduced and have patriotic leaders, then we will be able to enjoy our potentials.
Thank Karavia, nnice article. Tourism and Agriculture alone, can make us rich.
Kalemie can be turned into small paradise. Developing Kalemie shouldn't even be that expensive at.. with $300 million.

1 nice small Airport($50 million),

4 medium size hotels(100 rooms), 2 large Hotel( 250 rooms) and 14 small Hotels/Lodges and Restaurants (50-150 rooms/ hotel $150 million) . A Zoo, A theme park ($50 million), and Sport center.($50 million).

Start from there. Kalemie will be a destination. You'll see big investors going in.

All this can happen if the Central government is serious.
Yes, thats why i want Kalemie to be developed. $300 million is a very good start.

But Islands? I don't think its a good idea. Islands are very expensive to build. plus, Tanganyika is very deep. The second deepest lake in the world. That will not be goo at all.

Just build on main land next to the lake. Its easiers, faster and Cheaper than Islands. Unless there are some big enough Natural Islands already.
Yes i did watch it last year, but i didn't watch the whole video.

Very nice indeed

Thanks for reminding.
Moise Katumbi is doing the best for Katanga than any Governor that ever existed in that Province.

I wish North-Kivu or Kinshasa had a governor like Moise.

Moise Katumbi is the best Congolese governor in Congo and one fo the best in Africa. and no one can deny that.
Soccer it's private thing (own fund) and we can really thank him to be Champion of Africa and this is an argument that will play in our favor if we want to host the event in 2016. The question to ask to deputies from Tanganyika is where is the money that Federal Governement gave for the rehabilation of Kalemie's Airport? Because up till, the works are financed by the Governement of Katanga. And also how come that bricks were imported from Kinshasa while we have everything in Katanga?

What is their work?
We have a very unpartriotic Central government and very stupid. Why die the cetral governemnt send materials to Kalemy when Kalemy and Katanga alreay have local supplies.?

Football is the best and number 1 african sport for Congolese people. and no one can deny that.

And TP Maezembe is the Pride of Congo and always has been Congo's Proud Team.

God bless Moise Katumb and TP Mazembe.
Kalemie didn't see any Central governemnt money because the CG is a retarded m*****CK UP.

Those f*****rers send bricks. Moise rejected those f*****s. Good job.
Hence why the party approved Governor should go.
:lol::lol: Moise Katumbi is the Moses of Ktanga and has made Congo proud by being the Champion.

Mazembe is and always been the king of Congolese Football, The moster of Congolese Football and will always be.

And no one can change that. Not even a president.:)

Like Mazembe or not. They are the Kings of Bantu Football.:)
The cetral Government is a traitor, an irresponsible government,.

Oh, man. :cripes: What is the point of having a Federal/Central government?
I personally don'T CARE or mind if Katanga , Bas Congo. Grand Kasai, Equateur or Oriental province, Bandudnu or Kinshasa want to be new countries. I don't mind as long as they do it peacefully.

Every Congolese province is filled with minerals or natural resources. Morver its the people that make a society be what it becomes.

I don't like seccessionists and everyone can tell by my comments. but if the majority of the people want out, they are welcome on my watch.

But if its just couple people? they can kiss mu Congolese ass and will get rid of them myself.
Moise Katumbi is BEST THING that ever happened to Katanga. wthitout hime, it will be a sad status quo. and i don't see anyone dong even colse to him. Until i'm proven otherwise.
MBA, We make & vote laws , we must to stay under the Law, that's what we call DEMOCRACY.
Dou you really think that?? The the geography and especially the size of our contry is one of the only "good" things we've got from the colonial period, I know isn't always easy to deal with it, but if we do we'll be the most important african country and I think every congolese should care about that....
I agree with you 1 million %. But i was respnding to MBA-Congo , who has been has said that those stupid people that where caught in Lubumbashi faught for independence so they got to have to be gettiing compasation( being them houses). As well no clues what's the responsibilities of the Central government.
So, yes, i was telling hime that i don't mind Katanga being a separate country since he wants the honor for the guys that were fighting for Tshombe and accoplished nothing.

I love every single inch or milimeter of this country. I love it when i see things being built anywhere in the country.( even though i have places where i would like to see as a priority).

Thing is that most Congolese love this country with passion, even though we have stupid leaders.
What the hell does democracy have to do with fixing the rail. If the idiot had common sense he would of focused on the rail. How hard is it for him to allocate state budget to fixing a railline. Where did the state money go. Have you looked at Sendwe Hospital the main hospital is still shit. A governor takes action, soccer isn't action.
What is the Central Government doing? having ministers that do nothing at all.

Soccer, he is using his own money and Congolese people love Soccer. he is not using State money. In facts he is the number 1 best performing governor with all the roads, Water, schools, electricty, Agriculture he is fixing in the province. No one has been able to do that. not even half.

Rail is (SNCC) Central government responsibilies. ask why they aren't doing anything, but they have money to pay ministers that do nothing.

Also ask why the Central Government has no been giving all the money back to the Provinces.
MBA, don't worry man, with works perfom on Tanganyika lake, I'm sure rail will be fixed very soon and I really hope SNCC goes private because as a state cie it doesn't work
Exactly, it must go private.

The Central goverment must build the rail though. because its very expensive to built it. Central government has the means to do it.

But management of the trains must be private . Absolutly, the Central govenment has show for very long time that it can't manage anything, this one is even worst.

I co-sign Lubum09, we must be UNITED!
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