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Lucern, Geneva and Chur

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During my recent stay in Zurich I had the chance to visit some other places in Switzerland. Thanks to the special tourist tickets (half rate and day ticket) it is relatively cheap to travel through the country by train.

Tourist guides describe Chur as an uninteresting town, useful only as a gateway to more scenic places. Here are some photos of this “ugly” town:

Commie blocks are also present here:

Geneva is very different from any other Swiss city. If you only see the photos you may think it is a medium-sized French city.

Here are some commie blocks. If you take a tram and get out of the historic center, you’ ll see many more.

Lucern is considered to be the most beautiful Swiss town. In my photos, apart from the historic center, you’ ll also see the promenade and the area behind the railway station, where many hotels are.

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Nice photo tour :cheers:
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