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lucky b*tch

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Student laps up lessons in high life
Paula Beauchamp

FORGET the peeling lino and pile of dishes that you typically find in student digs.

First-year student Chantelle Baxter is taking lessons in luxury.

The RMIT media student has won the use of a Docklands penthouse for one year. The apartment has sweeping views across the Yarra and CBD.

Ms Baxter, who lived with her dad in Mitcham, now enjoys a lap pool, spa and sauna of her own.

She also enjoys the services of a cleaner -- free.

"I love it. I can't believe my luck," said Ms Baxter, 20. "I don't ever want to move out."

Ms Baxter, who now lives with her best friend Jordan, won the prize in a Virgin Mobile competition. Other students voted, either by SMS or internet, for her to win the $600-a-week apartment.

She has all but ruled out parties at the flat.

"It's too nice. We don't want to mess it up."

The massive apartment also boasts an oversized balcony and a space to park a car.
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Lucky alright!!
But i have to chuckle at the bit where it says how it boasts a space to park a car!! lol
It's a penthouse for crying out loud, so it bloody should!! :)
Very nice. She's lucky.

Wezza, i agree lol. Single bedroom apartments in Brisbane have 1 car park space.
The Penthouses have like 2-3.
Geez, Lucky Alright, but I would'nt call her a Lucky B*tch.
Well, she might be lucky now but imagine in a year's time when she has to say goodbye to the joint. Oh well, she's got a year to enjoy it. Better than nothing.

..but I'd be having parties every other week. Who cares about frikken messing it up a little or not?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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