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Cuyi Lastrassi
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Back for episode 2! Today, I give you a small city that's important for it's country:

Have fun guessing!

* If you know, don't guess.
* First, you have to guess the country (3 guesses per post).
* When it has been guessed correctly, I will let you know and city guesses begin (also a limit of 3 guesses per post).
* 1 pt for guessing the country and 3 pts for the city.

Kuesel - 3 pts
DetroitCity - 1 pt

Urban Struggle
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^^ I agree
eeh Barbados,Trinidad or Antigua?

Long time no see lmcm1990!
Wow after all this time face to face with the founder of the most memorable GTC thread ever........shivers running down my spine brrrrr.
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