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Luigi's Weekend GTC series #4

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Back for episode 4! Today, I give you a SEAside park:

Have fun guessing!

* If you know, don't guess.
* First, you have to guess the country (3 guesses per post).
* When it has been guessed correctly, I will let you know and city guesses begin (also a limit of 3 guesses per post).
* 1 pt for guessing the country and 3 pts for the city.

gonzo - 7 pts
Kuesel - 3 pts
DetroitCity - 1 pt
ilcapo - 1 pt
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Italy is very close to it.
Close, but Italy's still closer.

Hint: Not Europe.
Tunisia it is! 1 pt for you. Now, guess the city (easy).
Tunis it is! 3 pts for you. When I say easy, it's pretty much it's capital or it's biggest and/or most famous city.
Tunis, haha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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