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Lumpini Ville Ramkhamhaeng 44 | 24 + 24 Storey | Ramkhamhaeng

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Name : Lumpini Ville Ramkamhaeng 44
Developer : LPN Development Limited
Project Description : 2 of 24 Storey Condominium Towers
Location : Ramkamhaeng 44
Expected Launch : May 2006
Construction Starts : June 2006
Construction Finishes : January 2008
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Ahh!! another project from LPN,huh?. What a surprise for today!!.
I think its location is a bit too far from city center and mass transit systems.
at first i thought this is a 44 storey hahahha!!! but 2 for 24 storey not bad at all for this location. Hope the design is good. but I don't have a high hope for LPN though. :(
^^^me too, at first, I thought it's 44+24+24 storey but yeah!!! it's okay though. Well, as for the design, I think LPN is not that bad, you can look at those past projects like Lumpini Pinklao which is quite nice and other projects are also not too bad though.
Cancled Design :

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Double posted?..:D:D
no :)
just double eewws :D
Err!! This one is a bit beyond my acceptance. I am not gonna say it looks okay.
and they made it so long too -,-
Aquamadoor said:
and they made it so long too -,-
Simply, that's LPN's style. :)
Aquamadoor said:
Yep. LPN development. :)
it's a developer's firm.
oooh I thought it stood for something insulting haha
I think it would make a nice prison.
It reminds me of those F*** View Talay in Pattaya.
IMO even regular shophouses are nicer than this... at least the owners can change the appearance of a shophouse. It better be super cheap!

Eheh... actually it reminds me of the old highrises I have lived in before. Ratchatevee apartment, Juldis Tower and Future Tower :tongue2:
I hope the real thing will look way better than the rendering.
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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