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Lumpini Ville Ratburana Riverview | 31 + 31 Storey | Rat Burana 8

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Name : Lumpini Ville Ratburana Suksawat
Project Description : 2 Towers of 30 Storey Condominium Buildings
Developer : LPN Development Co.,Ltd
Location : Ratburana-Suksawat
Launch : September 2009
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Not sure what I'm suppose to be looking at in that picture... :D I'll wait
design ก็แบบเดิมๆ นะครับ
These LPN-style highrises are all over Bangkok now.
I guess I can't complain... otherwise I'll be complaining for 8/10 of the construction threads :D
This condo is directly opposite Ivy River, Ratburana. The "river view" from most block-A units will be partially blocked by it. Block B however has better view.

Ratburana - Suksawat areas is generally low rise, so if you're at the high-rise floors, you'll be getting a pretty nice panorama of Bangkok
June 11, 2010 :

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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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