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Lunch Bucket Blues.. Dont you mess with Hamilton now ya hear!

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While I had the day off yesturday and thought I would go out for a long walk and photo shoot around my new home town. Anyhow I also wanted to do some UE'n and managed to do some of that as well.. enjoy..

on to the Hammer

New development on the mountain

the gordious escarpment

Now to downtown

Nicest Tims ever ... had me thinking it was a starbucks

the ever so busy Jackson Square.. the focal point for downtown Hamilton

found my way to the top of Dofasco.. floors 15-24 are sad...

view from Dofasco

Copps from Dofasco

I managed to find a way in to Copps as well..

The tunnels under the seats inside copps..

they were setting up for some trade show..


the Bulldogs locker room..

The tunnel from the locker room to the bench


this is the coke that actually had coke in it..

Hamilton GO Center

Burlington Transit makes runs in to Hamilton

Time for a amazing sunset..

Goodnight from my house..

Thanks for visiting:

Hope you guys enjoyed my photos!!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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