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Lviv, Ukraine: Travel Guide

Why Go?

Unforgettable views of our city, it's architecture and European traditions have created a legendary Lviv. Modern Lviv is characterized by exquisite art, rich folk traditions, a mixture of many nations, warm hospitality, tourism services and business activity. More than fifty percent of all architectural monuments within Ukraine are located here in Lviv. The central part of the city is designated as a historical architectural reservation. Gray stones of Lviv reflect a diversity of styles, beginning with the 13th century. You may experience the feeling of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Classicism and Secession periods. Our historic Lviv, known as the city of sleeping lions, went through numerous battles, invasions, fires and floods, and every time it was rebuilt with new attractiveness. People who have visited Lviv, always return. It may be that some magic power or extraordinary experience attract people to come back. Lviv the city speaks for itself better than what has been written about it. It's the museum-under-the-sky, where dreams are said to come true, where every street has a legend. Welcome to Lviv - the Pearl of Europe!

Where To Stay?

Grand Hotel
13 Svobody Prospect, Lviv, 79000 (tel: 380 322 724042; fax: 380 322 769060;
Grand Hotel is situated in the very heart of ancient Lviv. You are just a short walk from the famous Opera House, the Philharmonic, several prize-winning theatres and well known museums. Includes casino, travel agency, fitness centre, and several exquisite restaurants and bars. 4-Stars.

George Hotel
1 Mickiewicz Square, Lviv, 79000 (tel: 380 322 725952; fax: 380 322 971144;
Situated in the very central part of the city, the hotel overlooks the monument of famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. It is within walking distance to the Opera House and Market Square (Plosha Rynok) with it's numerous historical buildings and architectural monuments. Includes gift shop, conference hall, bar and excellent restaurant. 3-Stars.

Where To Eat?

Cukiernia (Confectioner's Shop)
3 Staroevrejska, Lviv (tel: 380 322 740949; fax: 380 322 769060; [email protected]).
This charming shop in the centre of Lviv serves fresh, homemade delicacies in a delightful old-world atmosphere. In 2001 the shop had the priviledge to serve the late Pope John Paul II.

Phrase Book

Hello Pryvit/Vitayu
Good morning Dobrogo ranku
Good afternoon Dobry dehn
Good evening Dobry vechir
Good night Dobranich
Goodbye Do pobachenya
What is your name Yak vi nazivayetesya?
Nice to meet you Priemno z vami zapiznatisya.
Good Dobre
Bad Pogano
Thank you Dyakuyu
Please Bud' laska
Sorry/Excuse me Pereproshuyu/Proshu probachinya/Vybachte
Do you speak (English)? Chi vi govoriti po (angliyski)
I don't understand Ya (vas) ne rozumiyu
How much is it? Skilky koshtuye?
What is this? Shchto tse ye?
I'll buy it Ya tse kupl'u
I would like to buy Ya khotivby kupiti …
It is too expensive Tse duzhe bogato koshtuye/Tse duzhe dorogo
Yes/No Tak/Ni
Where is? De?
When Koly
Who Khto
Where is the nearest metro station? De naiblizshcha stantsya metro?
How to get to? Yak doekhati do? /Yak potrapyti do?
Could you help us? Dopomozhit' nam bud' laska
Left Na livo
Right Na pravo
Straight Pryamo
Far Daleko
Near Bliz'ko
Delicious Duzhe smachno
To your health (toast) Za vashe zdorovye!
Congratulations! (We) Pozdorovlyaemo/Vitaem!
(I) Pozdorovlyayu/Vitayu!
Happy birthday! (We) Pozdorovlyaemo z dnim narodzhenya/ Vitaem z dnim narodzhenya
(I) Pozdorovlyayu z dnim narodzhenya/Vitayu z dnim narodzhenya
Thank you very much! We enjoyed our time! Duzhe dyakuyuem!Nam vse duzhe spodobilos!

1. odin, odna
2. dva, dvi
3. tri
4. chotiri
5. pyat'
6. shist'
7. sim
8. visim
9. devyat'
10. desyat'
11. odinadtsyat'
12. dvenadtsyat'
13. trinadtsyat'
14. chotirnadtsyat'
15. pyatnadtsyat'
16. shisnadtsyat'
17. simnadtsyat'
18. visimnadtsyat'
19. devyatnadtsyat'
20. dvadsyat'
21. dvadsyat' odin
30. tridsyat'
40. sorok
50. pyatdesyat'
60. shist'desyat'
70. simdesyat'
80. visimdesyat'
90. devyat'desyat'
100. sto
1,000. tisyacha
1,000,000. milion


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Pavlo said:
I wanted to add this map, it's pretty usefull tells people where things are in Lviv and what there is to see:

Thanks! I've seen that map before, and I absolutely love it. Thanks for reminding me about it, I will add it on the next update!

(BTW, I had to edit the picture to a link, so it doesn't stretch the window.)

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Pavlo said:
I think it would also be a good idea to put a small pic for each place like for example Opera Theatre, so that people have a basic idea of what it looks like.
I kinda find that the Opera Theatre pic is over-used.
Why not use like some other pix. :tongue3:
Nice panorama, Sergei.

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Pavlo said:
Um there is only one Opera Theatre format :sly:

lol, no. i meant pix from different places in Lviv. aiight ya zmychena. i'm out. branich. :sleepy:

hlubach bubach
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Hey, got any list/website with hotel prices with '**' or '***', or some hostel maybe?
I would really want to visit this beautiful place, maybe even this summer :)


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My friend studies ukranian here, and some students from Љвив were their guests and our students had a play in ukrainian.after that ukrainians spoke serbian... they were really good, very interesting accent ... It was really nice!

Ino Ligota!
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I'm gpin' to Lviv tomorrow morning.
I've got some question: are there a Internet Cafe in Lviv where I can record a pictures from my camera to cd's??
Also if someone frome SSC from Lviv want to meet I'm waiting on PM :) I think it will be great to meet live, not on via internet :)

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jacek_t83 said:
I'm gpin' to Lviv tomorrow morning.
I've got some question: are there a Internet Cafe in Lviv where I can record a pictures from my camera to cd's??
Also if someone frome SSC from Lviv want to meet I'm waiting on PM :) I think it will be great to meet live, not on via internet :)
Jacek, they do have many Internet Cafes in Lviv, I'm sure you will easily find them. They have signs in the centre of the city.

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Phrase Book - sounds like ukrainian language is more similar to polish than to russian... I right??
I've heard that big part of Ukrainians communicate using russian instead of ukrainian - how is that exactly??
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