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Founded in 1256, 4th most-populous city in Ukraine with 755 000 inhabitants and up to 1 mln with suburbs.
It has 3rd busiest airport in Ukraine after two Kyiv airports (with direct flights to Baku).
Also Lviv is 2nd city (after Kyiv) by the amount of urban construction, with 0.5 mln m2 built in 2019.
Half of modern city territory was built during 1850-1939, with some medieval buildings, mostly chuches.

After Russian occupation of Crimea and Donbas in 2014 a lot of refugees from east moved to Lviv, which increased residential and commercial development.

The biggest projects in modern city history were Airport and Stadium construction that were built as part of EURO-2012 development, where Lviv hosted group stage matches.
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