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I dedicate this thread to the Lyon public transportation includes: Metro, suburban trains (RER proyect), bus, tram, trolleybus, funicular lines and bicycle sharing system.

The Lyon Metro

It first opened in 1978 and consists of four lines , serving 40 stations (44 when counting transfer stations twice) and comprising 31.8 kilometres (19.8 mi) of route. It is part of the Transports en Commun Lyonnais (TCL Transport en Commun Lyonnais) system of public transport, and is supported by Lyon's network of tramways.

The Lyon tramway

The network of 5 tram lines (T1-T5) operated by TCL runs 53.3 kilometres (33.1 mi); the single line operated by Rhônexpress runs for 22 kilometres (14 mi) (including approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) shared with the T3 tram line[2]). The network is currently served by 73 Alstom Citadis 302 trams.

The Lyon tramway trolleybus system

Lyon was one of the first cities in France to experience trolleybuses. It is " the capitale du trolleybus français"

The Funiculars of Lyon

Of the five lines once in existence, only the two routes on the Fourvière hill remain in operation, with the rest of the network now either closed, converted to road vehicle use, or integrated within the Lyon underground system.



Bicycle sharing system run by the city of Lyon in conjunction with the advertising company JCDecaux. The relationship with JCDecaux allows the city to provide the service on a cost neutral basis for the city, and at very low cost to users, in return for providing exclusive advertising access on bus shelters and the like. The primary aim is to reduce vehicle traffic within the city. The scheme also aims to reduce pollution, create a convivial atmosphere within the city, and encourage the health benefits of increased activity
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