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On this day of April, I had decided to visit the estuary of the Gironde river but as you'll notice, the weather went pretty bad North of Castelnau-de-Médoc so I decided to go South. Those who love sad landscapes won't be disappointed.

I had already toured that region :
- Arcachon
- Médoc

Leaving Bordeaux without taking the highway is a hell.

Le Haillan :

That's it, we're in Médoc with Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc :

I took a road parallel to the National Road that leads to Castelnau :

We reach Saint-Raphaël, a little hamlet lost in the forest where Pey-Berland, the Gascon hero was born ; that's also when the weather went bad.

The landscapes of Pey Berland's childhood (probably with less pinetrees) :

We already visited Castelnau in my previous Médoc thread : the weather was indeed better.

I then decided to cancel my previewed tour and headed to the sea.

Civilization ! (Brach)

We reach Carcans and its infamous pond.

The road to the sea ; that's a natural reserve.

The surroundings of the pond are desert :

Carcans-Plage (aka the seashore) :

I've always found the sea terrifying.

Let's go to the Southern pond known as Etang de Lacanau:

Lacanau :

I got lost on the half-tarred and sandy roads around Lacanau :

Dead-end :

In Saumos, I finally got a better sky : let's head South

Le Porge :

Behind me is bad weather :

With Lège begins the Bassin d'Arcachon :

Arès :

Andernos :

The interior sea (see my previous thread for more pics) :

Taussat :

Audenge :

Biganos :

I then reached Facture that you can see on the previous threads. I headed back to Bordeaux. End of the tour.
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