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Maaqal port building/ Basra

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تصميم بناية الموانئ الجديده.والتي تضم برجين تجارين وفندق 5 نجوم..ومطعم عائم وبناية الموانئ..وارض المشروع في ميناء المعقل وتحديدا في الارصفه المهجوره من 1 الى 6..ويضم 5 شركات والتاصميم اكتملت جميعها .وبانتضار موافقة الشركه العامه للموانئ.واذا وافقت سيتم تنفيذه في سنة 2014 ولمدة 4 او 5 اعوام...
Quick summary
1. Two towers
2. Five start hotel
Location : in Maaqal port itself, It is still proposal and it needs the ports company confirmation and finally it will take 4 to five years to complete this project. Finally let's make a du'a Ya Allah make them love the design and build it.
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wtf is this sh*t???? even the render looks like it was knocked together in one hour with out of scale people.... and all random tacked on crap like the UFO flying saucer? why? because the architect just discovered the sweep function on his CAD system?

TBH. the first pic (the back of the building) looks quite good. just the front is a mishmash of nonsense.

sadly I expect all the tasteless mi3dan in charge have already approved this. :(
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Habibe that's the first draft, I don't like the front design either however the design is way better than Basra new buildings. Also the towers are not showing in the pic so I expecting them to build some classy towers. I so want them to build anything new there coz the area is old so we want some malls, restaurants etc..
I just hope these things get built. The local government is putting us (Basrawiis) on a heavy doze of promises!
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