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I m going to start with a few pics of my trip.

I'm living in the northem part of Spain, the called Green Spain (La España verde)Here you can see the typical landscapes (sorry for the movement, the pics were taken from the coach)

This is Lerma (Burgos) in the middle of the way between Santander and Madrid and a bus stop for 20 min.

Mountains at 120km away from Madrid:

And finally... Madrid:

Chanmartín Tube Station (4 floors):

Plaza Colón (Columbus Square):

A huge spanish flag in the middle of the square:

A general view of the place. On blackground, National Library:

Columbus Statue:

National Library:

Plaza Cibeles:

Bank of Spain:

Instituto Cervantes (It's the official Institute of spreading spanish around the world). It's called like that in honour of the Quixot Writer : Miguel de Cervantes.

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Metropolis building

Annexe building of Spanish Parliament and Spanish Parliament:

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In Puerta del Sol ("Sun gate")

To be continued
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Ow man thanks for the pictures, I am leaving for Madrid tomzzz:D
Thanks for your comment!
Wow so beautiful. Madrid has got such a nice vibe :)
Thanks for the tour and pics.
Now, let's go for a walk in the old town (Ausburg Madrid = El Madrid de los Austrias)!

A shop for tourist:

Plaza Mayor:

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Military Cathedral

Italian Culture Institute

Madrid Cathedral : La Almudena

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Thanks for these great pictures and for bringing back good memories from my recent trip to this beautiful city.
@Alitezar: Madrid is the city which never sleep. Thank you very much for your post.Hope your visit us!

@Eklips: Thank you for your posting

@DenverDane: Your reportages of Madrid were superb, i enjoyed watching them.Thank you

Royal Palace:

Madrid's stormy sky:

Plaza de Oriente (Orient square: between Royal Palace and National Opera)

National Opera:

National Opera facade

Gran Vía:

Plaza de Callao:

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Ministry of Agriculture:

Atocha Train Station

In Atocha Station, a train exploded in these platforms:

Monuments in honour of 11-M victims ( We never forget yours!)

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wow, i love this city. my favorite in the world.
The new photo's are also great mate! I really love them! At 12 o clock i am in Madrid, i can't wait.:banana:
^^I hope you'll have a great time here in Madrid :)

Nice pictures Frozen thanks :eek:kay:
Thanks for your comments

@Skylern : I'm finishing my degree on july and I seriously think on moving to Madrid. I love this city
Telefónica Building:

Press Association Building:

Sunset from Templo de Debod


Atocha Station (inside)again:

High Speed Trains

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Museo Reina Sofía:

The enlargement of the museum by Jean Nouvel:

Calderón de la Barca Theatre:

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