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Dar Alqublah Tower is located on 150 meters from the southern side of the Nabawi Sharif mosque, one of the most important projects to develop the area central city Medina. The contract has been signed under the BOT with the Chairman of the Executive Committee for the development of the central region HRH Prince Horned bin Abdul Aziz. The project is located on an area of 8173 square meters, the area of construction exceeds one hundred thousand square meters. The project comprises a number Tower 2, a commercial center and car parks to accommodate the number 600 car, and the utilization of a 22-year.


• a few steps from the campus civil Sharif.
• tower design vision architectural fit place and the atmosphere Medina.
• units tower specifications furnished hotel wing of the five-star world.
• Several types of luxurious wings of different sizes.
• administered by the Department tower hotel with a worldwide reputation.
• shopping center developed a two-storey offices and shops variety.
• security and safety regulations.
• Center health care priority.
• Center for Haj and Umrah services.
• closest to the Chapel of women.
• elevator operates under special regulations for the convenience of guests smart
• housing units for Dar Alqublah Tower according to the available instruments to use. In the event of interest to buy or invest in the roles or residential units or instruments utilization please contact Diamond global telephone company :00965-2469300

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Great locition and looks 11 floors
the building looks nice!
i know Maldif guy live in madinah i will tel him to take pic for DAQ inshallah.
I live in Al-Madina so I'll try to take pictures of the location, no promises tho :p
ohh that great we dont know someone live there nice nice you make my day:)
Nice enough. Similar look to all the other buildings in the area.

PS, please change the name of project in the thread title to "Dat al-Qiblah".
What do you guys think of the height restriction in Madinah?
^^ I like it so much really. Before I go to madinah I used to think "Oh!! why do not they allow skyscrapers to let the city looks modern" but when I went there, it is really WOW Islamic, Simple and modern city mashallah. The holy mosque looks awesome specially cause nothing higher than minerats not like Makkah you hardly can see the holy mosque.
^^ I guess I would agree with that. Madinah looks better with that height for buildings and it does look modern. You can't compare it to Makkah though because even without the skyscrapers, you could barely see the holy mosque becase of all the mountains. Also Makkah gets a HUGE influx of people in a very short in that way it made sense to me for Makkah to have taller buildings. There is also limited space in Makkah where things can actually be built.

Have a lot of the older buildings been replaced by new ones in Madinah (apart from just the area surrounding the mosque because I already saw the change there)? Are there still narrow alleyways and stores along them? I haven't been there in many years..
Madinah has been changed 100%... you should go and see. Specially the centeral area (the surrounded area of the holy mosque).
There is still a typo in the title of this thread (I think), shouldn't it be "Dar Al-Qiblah"?
i sew in tv when the king abdullah went to madinah and announced many projects ,i remeber seen seconed new central area around that one exist but with higher three times and look like abraj al bait in the four side (east,west,north and south),look at that model by riyadh i think it's these one
wait...this is proposed for madinah?? what about the height restriction??
yup it's proposed but i dont have any info all i know it's like abraj al bait with ~20 towers in all sides(that was in tv promo) sorry:(
Madinah is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. Its very clean,tidy, and organized. Building a project as tall as Abraj al-bait will comlpetely ruin the landscape and take away the architectural significance of Masjid Al Rasool (PBUH)
As far I knowor heard, This is supposed to be DOKAAEP 2

Development of King AbdulAziz Endowment Project

I mean Abraj Al-Bait 2 which already got approval to be built long time ago but they are waiting for abraj al bait to be completed first
^^ There's another Abraj Al-Bait?? Do you have more details about the location and size of it?
but as i seen on tv promo it looks there more 4 abraj al bait
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