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Mahratta's Showcase: Costa Rica

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Hullo all:
I recently visited Costa Rica, and would like to share my collection of photos from this trip (mainly 'eco-tourism') to this wonderful country.

NOTE: some images use post-processing filtering techniques (the blue-yellow ones). It's my stab at being artsy :lol:

Our descent to San Jose, the capital, revealed to me for the first time the brilliant scenery of this country. The mountains first captured my attention - Costa Rica has 3 main mountain ranges. These were photographed from San Jose airport to the hotel.

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Looks really nice @Mahratta :) please post more photos :)
Thanks, christos :)

Being a coffee fanatic, a plantation was one of the first places we visited. Costa Rican beans are world renowned because they are grown in volcanic soil. Costa Rica only grows arabica, the highest quality bean for most preparations of coffee (robusta works well for espresso, however).

Juan Valdez is a character that has appeared in advertisements for Colombian coffee for the past 50-odd years. Costa Rican coffee growers have a great sense of humour.

We got a gorgeous view from the plantation's outdoor cafe:

More to come!
Cool, I want to see some jungle pics! Did you go to Corcovado?
What an incredibly beautiful country! Everyone seems to love their trips there. And, my favourite Chiquita bananas are from Costa Rica! :D
beautiful pictures. I have always wanted to go there.
Thanks for the comments :)

Can't get enough of the view...

A huge attraction in Costa Rica for eco-tourism, Poas Volcano and its beautiful craters:

the secondary crater, while beautiful, pales in comparison to the first in my opinion.

Secondary crater / lake

and the magnificent main crater

Natural bouquet:

Arenal Volcano, another attraction

Looks like a beautiful country!
Very nice scenery piccies there :)
^^ Thanks guys.

I was tempted to take macro, even though I'm not a fan (and not exactly good at it either).

More manly pictures next time.
One of the highlights of the Arenal area was the canopy tour we went on there. Some pictures from the tour:

but first more volcano

now the tour...

of all the fungi to photograph...

a waterfall visible from the hanging bridges...some of the pictures are slightly blurred since I was on a hanging bridge while clicking them.

a panoramic view

the view of the volcano from a bridge, with a post processing filter effect


Great Pictures :applause:
thanks for the comments, guys

A macaw :)

from the bus...I need a polarizing filter

reminds me of the Ontario health card picture for minors

Coffee beans in hand (these are scrap, no worries)

the colourful wheels of the oxcarts

^^Lovely pictures! One day, my hubby and I will visit the world renowned beaches.
just a few random beach pictures (@ Puntarenas) for you then!

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