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Name: Maiyegun Tourism Estate Scheme
City/Country: Lagos/Nigeria
Use: Leisure/Residential
Status: Recently Proposed


This is a Tourism Estate Scheme initiated recently by the Corporation with 150 Hectares of land along the Atlantic Coastline of Lekki Peninsula. The 150 Hectares of land will be provided with basic infrastructure such as:

a. Electricity.
b. Drainage.
c. Access roads.
d. Water treatment plant and sewage treatment.
e. Security.

The layout of this Tourism Scheme will be allocated to corporate organizations and investors in the Tourism Industry for the purpose of development in the following areas:

a. Holiday Resort Complex.
b. Hotels of all categories.
c. Camping Sites.
d. Holiday Apartments.
e. Recreational and Sports Facilities.
f. Water Cruises and Water based Recreational Centres.

Prince Adesegun Oniru, the Special Adviser to the State Governor on Works & Infrastructure, is the present Managing Director of the Corporation

I wonder, how much money is going to be set aback for this project, I'll try get some more information and possibly renders(Fat Chance):eek:hno:
But nonetheless it's good news:)
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