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How time flies!

It seems to be yesterday that I came across 'skyscraper city' forums accidently. While sitting in an office some where near to Pune and while browsing the company PC lazily. It was almost seven or eight years ago.

I was already an old man then. Retired from Goa. Working on contract for two years in Satara near Pune. I had no business to join SSC at that time and at that age.

But I joined seeing the enthusiasm of youngsters from various small towns of Kerala aspiring to become big cities. The enthusiasm of youngsters was understandable. They are seeing multi storey buildings sprouting up for the first time in their cities. It was a novelty to them. Sanjay Palayat from Kozhikode was the greatest of enthusiasts here. Followed by Aslesh from Kannur, Raufazi from Malappuram, Mahesh Ponneth from Thrissur, Reghu from Kollam and many from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.
Hi, Time just flies like you said. Thanks for the honorable mention there. Not touching on the rest of your post, just that am unable to write longer replies. May be, we could meet in person someday and share our thoughts over a coffee or so. Hope you are doing well. May this reply find you in good health sir.
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