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Launching Soon in the city.
AI International College, a Campus aimed to provide National & International accreditation in the field of Business and Management with a state of art infrastructure, technology and resources lacing all fields: General Management, Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Information Technology, Economics and International Business. The genesis of Al International College (AIIC), a fully automated campus in Malappuram, Kerala on the land of Inkel Greens Educity, effected a paradigm shift in the phase of education with a novel tech-culture. AIIC is a subsidiary of the prestigious Atlas Group of Institutions, acclaimed for the social contribution of an inspiring intellectual generation, for over three decades in UAE.

We are very delighted to announce the online launch of AI International College at Malappuram, Kerala on Sunday,23rd August 2020.

Looking forward to having Dr. Shashi Tharoor Member of Parliament,India join us for this special moment for AGI.
More details to follow soon. Stay tuned

AI international college would be the first of it's kind in the state providing an international graduation program. And their campus is a mind-blowing one.
181 - 183 of 183 Posts