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Mattil Mall Update

Made a visit to the building yesterday. Few things I found;
Construction is going with a normal pace suggesting no hurry in opening.
It lacks typical Mall atrium.:eek:hno: And the normal atrium it has is covered by escalators as its positioned in there.
Escalator, Elevator and Staircase two each.
Good basement parking space proportionate to the building size with elevator connectivity.
No works going inside the stores yet, only known one is Amul Parlour as its displayed in front.
Total B+G+4 floors.
And last but not least, 3rd and 4th floors are occupied by Film City Multiplex and food court.:cheers: I could see the space for two screens in the multiplex area. Maximum three. Don't know how they are going to lay four inside.

So in short, Mattil Mall (which might not be a Mall in full standard) would become a prime shopping destination but would take few more months to complete. Hope some brands come there instead of only local shops.
1 - 20 of 90 Posts