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Some pics from the beautiful country of Malawi. This country is a rather unknown tourist destination compared to other African countries. Too bad, because it's a really beautiful country. While it lacks the amount of wildlife seen in neighboring countries, it has really stunning scenery, a friendly population. Due to its size and good infrastructure, it can be travelled easily.

In this first part some pics of North-Malawi. Later I'll post pics of the South.

1. Malawi is blessed with a beautiful, huge lake. In the north the shore is filled with mountains, creating a dramatic scenery.


3. View from the mountains.


5. In those mountains there's an old, Scottish missionary village named Livingstonia.

6. The main road crosses the mountains, creating some nice views of the lake...

7. ...and some more nice scenery

8. On the other side of the mountains the scenery is pretty dry


Thanks to a Dutch NGO we had an amazing experience. We made a 15 mile long hike right through a rural area, where there are usually no tourists at all. Like the rest of Malawi (and other African countries), the area is extremely poor. While the towns are pretty modern, the villages are old fashioned and lack facilities. In some areas economy is virtually non-existant: farmers mostly produces for themselves. People have to walk for miles to get water. Even while the people are extremely poor, they were usually very friendly towards us.

10. Crossing a river on foot

11. A huge Baobab-tree

12. A farmed invited us to have a look on his property

13. People always started talking to us


15. Soon we were surrounded by more kids...

16. ...and even more. :)

17. The area lacks roads and cars. Many people do own a bicycle though


The destination of our hike was a national park: Vwaza March. Great nature, but not much wildlife except for some deer-like and hippo's. There should be elephants too, but we didn't see them.



21. The guide tried hard, but no elephants to be seen :bash:

22. Still, a great place to relax.
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