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Malaysia - Somalia relationship | News and Development

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I've made a separate thread about Somalia Malaysia news and developments. I haven't heard much about it yet, but here's a start.

Ambassador Nur Farah handing over his credentials to King Halim of Malaysia

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Interesting fact: Malaysia, not China, is Asia's top investor in Africa Source

Malaysia's portfolio of global FDI more than quintupled over the past decade to reach $106 billion by the end of 2011. Of that, $19.3 billion was in Africa, more than the $16 billion of African investments owned by China and the $14 billion held by India.

The five BRICS have escalated their investments in Africa from almost nothing in the 2000-2002 to 4 percent of their outward FDI in 2009-2011, making Africa a much more important investment destination for them than it is for the European Union or the United States.
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We had a historical relationship with Malaysia ( Malacca in particular) which dates back to the 15 century :cheers:
It's a good thing that we have restored it.
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Easily my favorite Muslim country alongside Turkey. Two countries Somalia should model itself after, it has the location, resources & historic relations to do so if the will power is there.
I am so happy to see our Ambassador wearing traditional Somali attire; I hope others follow suit. :cheers:

Somalia shouldn't model itself after anyone - rather, we must chart our own course and determine our own future!
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Somalia shouldn't model itself after anyone - rather, we must chart our own course and determine our own future!
That age old American exceptionalism! Listen if our aim is prosperity & peace why sail the entire planet when we could just take a map & use the successful routes other similar countries took? We tried "our own course" & got a cocktail of rural democracy, communism, extremism, anarchy & now the divisive clan federalism. No, I prefer the Malaysian or Turkish model.

Anyways no need to continue this discussion, pointless.
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We had a historical relationship with Malaysia ( Malacca in particular) which dates back to the 15 century :cheers:
It's a good thing that we have restored it.
That is interesting. can you elaborate? never heard such.
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Can someone update us on this relationship?
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You can contribute if you can; have not found anything to update it with. :dunno:

Malaysia is a country that Somalia should see a model for modernization.
Actually Somalia would benefit if it pivoted itself towards Asia in general rather than the Middle East.
November 23, 2016
Somalia to export live camels to M’sia soon
FMT Reporters

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians may get to savour the flavour of camel meat soon, now that Somalia, home to a third of the world’s camels, is looking to export the live animals to Malaysia.

In an article on Bloomberg, Mohamed Omar, director-general of the Ministry of Livestock, said the traditional “organic” methods used by Somali camel herders gave the meat “a unique taste”, a selling proposition the ministry was hoping to zero-in on when marketing the meat to our shores.

Apart from Malaysia, Somalia’s “hopes are high” that traditional buyers like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait will raise export figures in the next 12 months and in so doing, boost foreign-exchange earnings from its livestock trade.

Somalia has already expanded its port facilities for shipping live camels, cattle and goats, a move in the right direction as revenue hit US$384 million in 2015, the most in two decades.
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Exports to Malaysia is a good step in the right direction. Malaysian investors are currently investing in better holding facilities and meat processing factories in Somali cities to become a center of the trillion dollar global halal business. Somalia needs to piggyback Malaysia on this quest and encourage knowledge transfer. Their agricultural exports, including derived products, is over $50 billion.

We can create thousands of jobs by inviting more Malaysian companies to establish their operations in Somalia because of the more affordable wages and the available raw materials, which are currently not being utilized at all.
Malaysia seems like it's a bit too far to export live animals to. Good action, but I wish investors would build on creating more processing in Somalia to create more value added exports.
NationHome > News > Nation
Friday, 17 March 2017 | MYT 7:00 PM
Malaysia to send troops to Somalia on humanitarian mission


Hishammuddin (right) and Mohamed Omer during a meeting at Parliament on Tuesday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will send troops to Somalia as part of a humanitarian mission following prolonged drought in the country, says Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

The Defence Minister said the troops, along with assets, will be sent from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

"The decision (to send the troops) was reached after my meeting with Somalia Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omer Arteh Ghalib on Tuesday.

"He (Mohamed Omer) requested the ministry's assistance in providing aid in terms of food, medicine and expertise of the Armed Forces' medical unit,"
Hishammuddin said in a statement Friday.

He added that Somalia's request was brought to the attention of and approved by the Cabinet Friday.

Hishammuddin said three officers and 17 personnel from the Armed Forces Medical Corps will be sent to Somalia.

"An infantry unit, consisting of an officer and 10 men, will provide security for the Malaysian delegation.

"Food and medical supplies will be flown to Somalia via a Hercules C-130 aircraft," he said.

The Malaysian troops in Saudi Arabia were chosen to be sent to Somalia for their experience and expertise in evacuating Malaysians from Yemen, he added.

"Their training with Saudi Arabia's army helped to get them used to the environment, thus enabling us to plan and execute the operation in Somalia," he said.

Malaysia is also seeking assistance from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar as well as Asean countries, on behalf of Somalia.
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Najib Receives Courtesy Call From Somalia DPM
Published on Thursday, 16 March 2017 17:04

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Thursday received a courtesy call from Somalia Deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed Omer Arteh, who is on his maiden visit to Malaysia.

The meeting, which began at 8.45am, lasted about 20 minutes, where both leaders took the opportunity to discuss various current issues.

Speaking to reporters after the courtesy call, Mohamed Arteh expressed his gratitude and thanked Najib for his time for the meeting and Malaysia in general for its contribution to Somalia.

"The generousity that has been given to us, I really thank him (Najib) for that, and thanks also to organizations in this country that have contributed to Somalia.

"I also like to thank Malaysians for the way they had welcomed the Somalis students here, and also the government of Malaysia for giving the support and everything that they (students) need here," he said.

Mohamed Omer is currently on a working visit to Malaysia from March 9 until today. This is also his first visit to Malaysia since being appointed as Somalia's deputy prime minister in February 2015.

Yesterday, he also called on Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein at the Parliament building here.

Following the meeting with Ahmad Zahid, the Deputy Prime Minister's Office issued a statement, indicating that Malaysia would be channelling humanitarian aid such as food and medicines to Somalia through non-governmental organisations and political parties in this country.

Malaysia is also prepared to cooperate with the World Food Programme of the United Nations in assisting Somalia in dealing with its food crisis following the drought problem in that country since three years ago.

Additionally, Malaysia would also consider providing micro credit assistance to the hardcore poor and low-income group in that country, according to the statement.- Bernama
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Somali graduates praise peace, harmony and good social development in Malaysia
By EMBUN MAJID - November 20, 2017 @ 4:17pm

Somali graduates Abbas Mohamad Mahdi , 28 (left), and Ahmed Derow Isak, 32, from Mogadishu, are determined to return home and work in their home country after completing both their Bachelor and Master degrees in Information Technology. Pix by Amran Hamid

SINTOK: Despite the unrest in some parts of their country, two Somali graduates from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) are keen to return home to serve the people.

Abbas Mohamad Mahdi, 28, and Ahmed Derow Isak, 32, from Mogadishu, are determined to return home and work in their home country after completing both their Bachelor and Master degrees in Information Technology.

The duo received their Master of Science (Information Technology) from UUM Pro-chancellor Tan Sri Osman Aroff today.

Abbas said as the second of six siblings, he wanted to support his younger siblings to further their education.

“My father passed away when I was eight years old and my mother raised the family by doing odd jobs.

“I was able to further my studies here thanks to my elder sister and a younger brother who helped me financially,” he said when met.

Abbas said he chose to come to UUM after he heard about it from friends who had furthered their studies at the university.

He initially planned to further his studies in Sudan but when he came to know about the peace, harmony and good social development enjoyed by Malaysians, he decided to come here to study.

Ahmed Derow said life in Malaysia was better than Somalia but he would still return home to work in his own country.

“My wife is there and so are my siblings who have helped to finance my studies here.

I will use the knowledge and experience I gained in this country to give back to my people back home,” he said.

Ahmad Derow said although his mother has migrated to United Kingdom and he could further his studies there, the cost that he need to bear was too high.

He said Malaysians should be grateful by the various benefits that they enjoy especially in the furthering their studies locally.
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