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I was told to post this here aswell.

malec said:
OK I’ve finally gotten around to developing my photos from my Chicago trip with our jazz band 2 weeks ago. I was going to borrow my Dad’s digital camera but decided against it because I know I’d lose it so I ended up buying a few disposables instead. This is the reason for the crappy quality. Also I didn’t actually put in any effort into making these good so no need to tell me they’re shit, I know already ;). Especially the lighting, I didn’t point the camera away from the sun sometimes. I actually only started taking photos half way through my trip so no photos of the Sears tower trip on the first day. I have loads more photos but they’re all of the jazz bands, the pub, people asleep in weird positions on the plane, etc. These are all the city photos I have:

The usual opening skyline shot:

The Chicago Theatre:

Urban grit near our neighbourhood:

Apartment block near us:

Our hostel:

The view from the bedroom window ;)

Back to the city. The Aon Centre became one of my favourite buildings. You only realise how great it is when you see it in person.

I really liked these 2 towers for some reason.

An old building:

The amazing marina city towers. Absolutely fantastic!! (although I would never park my car there ;))

Smurfit-Stone building.

Smurfit stone building with another good-looking tower to the left.

Another nice glassy tower (if someone can help me with the names of all these :)):

What were they thinking :|

Nice view down the street:

Me with Buddy Rich’s kit :cool: We actually found this in a random shop on the 10th floor of a building. It’s a vintage drum shop with the best stuff imaginable. It would be impossible to find from the street. The building it was in was also really cool. The lift was a really old one complete with a lift operator and all :D

The Art institute of Chicago. We went in there on the 2nd last day but didn’t have that much time. That place is soooo huge you need a full day to see everything. There’s some real fantastic stuff there and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s into that sort of thing. Didn’t take any pictures of inside though.

The world’s biggest bean!

Me standing in front of it

Definitely one of the best (if not the best) public sculptures I’ve seen. Something that anyone of any age can have fun with.

Bean with old building

The Frank Ghery theatre (don’t know the actual name). The millennium park is really cool alright. Have no pictures of the face and water thingy though. BTW, in that water thingy are there always nice girls running and messing around in that area? We were there twice and both times… :naughty:

Old buildings

More old buildings. What I love about Chicago is the variety in the architecture. There’s so much from the 1920s and 30s that you wouldn’t find in other areas around the world. This is probably more a case for NYC but it’s in Chicago aswell.

Trump Tower:

This is my favourite shot. Trump Tower and Waterview in the background (I think that’s it there where the crane is). This is the best view right here, on the bridge.

A cool-looking tower. This was our 2nd time going to the magnificent mile.

Cool view of JHC and others:

Another great building that I don’t know the name of.

Tower beside the JHC

Finally, the John Hancock Centre. We had less than a half an hour before we had to go back to see a gig (there was only me and a friend). I said how about going to the top of this. I’d heard from SSP that the view is actually better there than from Sears tower so we went in. There was a sign saying “observatory” but it said we’d have to pay 10 dollars and I was broke at this stage so we headed back but then we saw the sign for the residents’ lounge so we said “hmm”. Anyway we went up and got away with it. We were nervous waiting for the lift since there were loads of men in suits around the place and there was us in our t-shits and backpacks :D. Anyway here are some pics of this:

Up close

Near the bottom

These photo’s are kind of crappy since I had to sneak a few photos. Didn’t know if we were actually allowed up there or not (could some of you Chicagoans tell me if I was allowed to be there and was paranoid over nothing?). North side;

Skyline. The view is actually better from here. Pity we only got to stay 5 minutes.

One last shot:

Our day back was 36 hours long since we had a 10-hour stopover in Amsterdam. At least we got to go into town there. Have some pics from there too but won’t bother posting them here.

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I love the fact that this newcomer to Chicago has taken a liking to so many of the new buildings that have gone up. Its interesting how newcomers experience newly constructed buildings -- as if they are a seamless part of the urban tapestry, whereas for me, they seem still to "pop out" and not quite blend in yet.
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