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Malek National Museum and Library

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great pics
malek museum is an amazing place , ive been there, i think its iran's first modern era museum

i think the pics should go in the tehran section
Though Qajars lost half of Iran and generally were not a good dynasty, but no one can deny they had a great and unique culture
true, qajar era art and architecture is truly a marvel, might not relate much to the politics of the time though
kojast 2 tehran? yani dar kodom khiaboon ya mahaleh?
Wow! That is one amazingly beautiful, chic, and modern looking museum. Stunning architecture of the exterior and interior of the building, and awesome art and artifacts inside the exhibits. I love it. Thank you Batista.
kojast 2 tehran? yani dar kodom khiaboon ya mahaleh?
Address: 30th Tir St., Imam Ave., Tehran
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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