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MALMÖ – summer 2010: performance, festival, construction…

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This thread is about pictures I have taken in Malmö June-September 2010.

First out is the Dockan performance show. It was free and performed by Malmö Dansteater in Dockan in Västra Hamnen. It was a pretty cold September evening. The performance included moving light cranes in front of Turning Torso, dance, music, light shows, a queen with a dress made of bin-liners and a small ufo! Anyone went there?

Some pics I took on the way back:

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A night at Malmöfestivalen 2010:

A new building u/c.
Dockan at daytime. Many new buildings have been constructed in this area and there are more to come:

Malmö skyline from Dockan.

Orkanen, “the Hurricane”, Malmö’s newest and largest university building.

Views from Orkanen:

View from the new bridge that connects Västra Hamnen with the city center.

Glashallen, the entrance to Citytunneln at the main railway station.

New garage for the station.

Slagthuset. There are plans to build a small highrise cluster in this area, right behind the station.
I only knew Malmö for the Turning Torso, but the rest of the city looks great too. Might be planning a Copenhagen/Malmö visit soon :)
Some photos from Malmöfestivalen 2010:

St Petri Church was Malmö’s tallest building until Turning Torso was completed.
Never thought Malmö was so beautiful!
When I make it to Copenhagen, I will sure cross over to Malmo!!! :rock:
Great, very nice photos from Malmo, Nightsky :) well done

Radisson Hotel and Bikupan, one of Malmö’s oldest buildings.
A new minigolf course has been inaugurated in Malmö’s Folkets Park. The courses represent miniatures of famous Malmö landmarks.

Turning Torso.

Kallbadhuset and Malmöhus slott.

Kockumskranen, Öresundsbron, Kronprinsen and Mazettifabriken.
^^It looks great that minigolf course :) ... nice pics of Mälmo .... so far from here
Thanks, Tyrone!
Others from Folkets Park (Peoples Park):

Folkets Park is partly a Tivoli with carousels.

Northern Europe’s tallest ferris wheel.

Moriskan, nightclub and restaurant in middle eastern style.

MALMÖ – Festival at Möllevången
(has been posted in a separate thread before, but I think it was worth to add it to this thread as well seen many people haven't seen it)

Möllevångsfestivalen was a 2 day long festival that were held at Möllevången, Malmö’s most gritty and picturesque district. It was held 23-24 of July. It was the last time it was held. Not to be confused with the much larger Malmöfestivalen. During the festival there was some kind of cosmopolitan “hippie” feeling in the area. I thought it was worth to take som pics.

The “graffiti” wall

On Möllevången people certainly know how to use a computer…:)

A cool sort of Calatrava like design for the roof.
Ribersborg and Västra Hamnen:

Some photos taken from Malmö’s more then 4km long beach, Ribersborg. Some of Västra Hamnen’s skyline, dominated by Turning Torso.

The infaous nuclear power station Barsebäck.

Copenhagen’s skyline seen from ”Ribban”:

Central and North Copenhagen.

South Copenhagen, including the airport.

A private residence (?) near the beach.

View from the train to Copenhagen: The limestone quarry in front of the new Victoria Park serviced apartments, Turning Torso and Bunkeflo kyrka.
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