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MANAMA | Baraka Banking Group HQ Bahrain Bay | 10 fl | Complete

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Al Baraka Banking Group

Project Overview:

The Al Baraka Banking Group was established in Bahrain in 2000. Since then, it has played a mojor role in pioneering the development of Islamic banking and finance in the Kingdom, as well as operating subsidiary banking units in 12 countries, which provide their services through more than 240 branches.
Company Profile:

Cooperation Investment House is one of Bahrain's most active integrated real estate developers, with a focus on developing commercial, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed - use properties.
In collaboration with respected architects and design professionals, CIH distinguishes itself by creating properties featuring sophisticated design, efficient floor plans and first-class amenities.
Demonstrating optimum value in functionality, location and cost, CIH developments continues to exceed the needs of cusomers and end users.
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oh can anybody remove the "grat" from the topic ?
from the constraction site :

Thanks for the update
This HQ looks incredible!
The Bahrain Forum is active again :) Thanks for the updates
Glad to see new blood in the Bahrain forum. Keep it up.
thank adel and purplerain ,
thanx HMD :) looks amazing building
it's rising ;d

Wow... Very impressive .. Thank you so much forthe updates
Bahrain Bay is the fastest large investment project in Bahrain during this phase ,, Next few years Diyar Al Muharraq will grow very quickly too
welcom wallhan

Bahrain Bay is the fastest large investment project in Bahrain during this phase ,, Next few years Diyar Al Muharraq will grow very quickly too
The problem is that the bahrain towers and islands are spaced far from manama , Diyar Al Muharraq and the amwaj are far from the capital, and Durrat Al Bahrain is the same thing, it was better that all these islands to be in the capital, also the towers, the Towers of Juffair and the Towers of diplomacy area and the Towers of the seef area, Towers of om al hassam and Towers of bodia3 , and recently Towers of amwaj , it was best that the towers assembled in a large area in manama , such as Dubai and Qatar.
Bahrain has its own specificity and there are many areas where the growth of huge towers in a limited area such as the Diplomatic Area or Seef Distrect ..

Now we need a high & huge tower in the center of this area in the picture

Yes, we need a long tower, but sadly, we'll not see a tower that heights 300 m at least!! :(
cuz most of the projects that are being constructed at the moment are not even close to 300 m .. We don't even have proposed projects with long towers.
yes these new photo i take them today :

very nice updates. thank you hmd!!!
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